Put Yourself Out There – Give It All Away!

Happy Wednesday!

Photo: Emily Wall Balsamo (since this blog is going to be about her)

If you haven’t done so YET… go back and read the past two blog posts AND comment with your personal verbs! It’s one of the funnest brainy things I’ve done with myself in a long while. Try it… you’ll see!

My aunt Kim is in from Maine… so we decided to host my entire family at our house last night. Even though a few couldn’t make it… the moment was a classic one for Emily and I.

Acts 20:25b You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: It is MORE BLESSED to give than to receive.

Isn’t that true!

The older I get, the more I find myself wanting to SERVE and GIVE to other people, rather than to be served and given to. I mean YES, I love receiving gifts and I really appreciate when people serve me and my family.

All gifts are a BLESSING and GIVING gifts is a GREATER BLESSING!

Gifts are an expression of LOVE.

John 3:16 For God LOVED THE WORLD SO MUCH that HE GAVE his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

As you might know… Emily’s dad is in the hospital really going through it. I think he’s been there for more than a week now… and after something like 8 blood transfusions, his white blood cell count remains at zero. Please don’t feel bad for us… instead, believe with Merle and with us that his body will respond to our FAITH and PRAYER! Believe that things will change for Merle over the next few days… and he will come home from the hospital to continue with us as a solid rock of character and inspiration!

When we scheduled last nights dinner at our house, we hadn’t planned on Merle still being in the hospital. So as the day got started, my Aunt Sherry sent a very kind facebook message stating that everyone decided to let us off the hook by postponing the party to another day sometime in the future.

So I met with Emily and asked her how she felt… and her response was instant. She couldn’t think of ANYTHING else she would rather do than to SERVE people we love at our house last night. She said, “I spent quality time with my dad yesterday and we’re going to see him tomorrow… so tonight I want to have this party.”

In the middle of Emily’s trial, she knew without hesitation… that it is MORE BLESSED to GIVE than it is to receive. This is ONE reason I admire Emily so fanatically!

And as we hosted my family… we had the time of our lives. Everyone seemed to have so much fun enjoying good company, admiring the water gardens, feeding the fish, watching the frogs, playing the corn hole game, swimming in the pool, eating GOOD FOOD, and sitting around the fire roasting mellows and making smores!

This was the very BEST thing Emily could have done yesterday… and the BLESSING was all hers… the underrated satisfaction that comes with GIVING! I thank God, my family honored us by coming to our house and ALLOWING us to honor them.

Most people turn INWARD when they encounter hardship… they hoard during times of lack… they cancel life to hover over the pain of their situations. Sometimes, it’s very important to hide away and FIND PEACE and GRACE in seasons of prayer and fasting. But this is not ALWAYS the path of healing.

Many times, our victory is FOUND in reaching out! The answer to lack is not found in hoarding… it comes through GIVING! In times of pain, the answer is not found in hoarding our love… it come when we GIVE OUR LOVE AWAY!

Have the hardships of life driven you into a place of seclusion? Are you wondering why there is no victory… no answer to your prayers for help? Maybe… the answer is found in todays blog! Instead of hiding and hoarding… BE BRAVE… try something NEW! Put yourself OUT THERE and GIVE AWAY ALL THE LOVE YOU HAVE LEFT… and watch what happens NEXT!

Luke 6:38 Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full-pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you GET BACK.

I pray that todays blog adds tremendous value to your amazing lives! Please leave your comments… have a super day!

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11 thoughts on “Put Yourself Out There – Give It All Away!

  1. Emily is an amazing godly woman. I just love her. Her smile brights up my life and her positive attitude inspires me. Her faith also inspires me to continue pushing into God and go deeper in my relationship with Him.

    I like to give, but I have been on the receiving end more lately and it has made me slack in the giving area. Thanks for the reminder that it is better to give than receive.

  2. David…….thanks for opening my eyes to that truth….the more you give the more you have to give…so true and so inspiring.

  3. This is BEYOND true! When my ex and I broke up I needed to be alone. But when my father passed away I went OUT and helped others. That's how daddy was. And I feel myself being more blessed because I'm doing for others than for myself.

    Emily is such an amazing woman of God and she is so giving. Of course she is a gifts person it's a great quality for her to have to know the joy in giving and recieving! Great Blog Pastor

    • Ok, so who is "Lobby Lady"… thank you very much for the KIND words about Emily! Wow and what an excellent illustration of my blog… to see how much better things started going for you… once you started walking in your daddy's example and you started making life about what you could give rather than what you could take away. Great thoughts… thank you Lobby Lady!

  4. Just watching Emily Sunday morning, so happy and care-free, I would never had guessed she was going through such a trial. She is defintely a 'walking Yoda', it just shines out of her. How wonderful that must be, if only we all could get there.

    A few thoughts on the giving and receiving that I've learned over the past few years:

    Give because your heart wants to, not because of what you expect back from those your giving to. If we do, we become bitter against giving, wondering why people treat you 'this or that way' after what you've done for them. I believe these bitter feelings happen when we take our focus off of God! And there goes that ego again, expecting to be righted. I can also fall into that trap of 'people pleasing' if I don't refocus on God.

    Another thing…I've tried giving before when people just wouldn't accept…that hurts. But should it or was my ego hurt? I still think about this from time to time, but can't find peace with it. You sparked something this morning to think about this in a different way- ok, I admit receiving is hard for me sometimes too, but if your focus is on God when you give, doesn't your focus need to be on God when you receive?