The Verbs of My Beautiful Weekend!

Happy Monday!

Parachuted, prayed, studied, listened, worshiped, called, gave, pilgrimaged, gagged, experienced, connected, blessed, napped, vacuumed, swam, played, whimpered, visited, went, had, watched, prayed, talked, called, listened, spent, hung out, watched, fell, thanked… all the VERBS of my BEAUTIFUL weekend!

Parachuted from my high rise bed early Saturday morning, prayed for all my friends, studied like a professor, listened to some really good worship music and worshiped like a crazy person, called a few people and gave them a word of encouragement, pilgrimaged to Richmond, gagged watching everyone eat oysters at the oyster cookout, experienced a most impressive church service @ Destiny Family Center yesterday, really connected with two families at lunch who might start coming to church, was blessed by someone else paying for our meal without telling us they did so, napped for 15 minutes (first Sunday nap in YEARS), vacuumed the pool, swam in the pool…

Played frisbee golf with a very fun group of friends, whimpered when Emily stabbed me with her pencil during frisbee golf (lol), visited Pet’s N Pals to let Heaven look at a new puppy she WANTS (aaagggghhh), went to Blade Bain’s birthday party… outstanding food and FUN with a beautiful collection of people, had meaningful conversations with a few very meaningful individuals…

Ended up with Nathan and Jeremy under the tent in the rain watching a 9 minute you tube video about AWAKENING, prayed for awakening, talked about turning our RELIGION into a MOVEMENT, called Ricky Lee Wade on the way home and listened to his enthusiasm for Jesus Christ and the things he had written in his journal as he reminisced over his past few years, spent some quality time with Ricky on the phone about the subject of mentorship, real time coaching, and teaching… and hung out with my daughter watching Law and Order until I fell asleep thanking God for a super two days!

Have you ever taken the time to TRACK YOUR VERBS? This is my first time… right here, out in front of the whole wide world! You guys should try this exercise. Write out a LONG paragraph (or three) including EVERY detail of your weekend in short statements… then, extract the verbs! Very enlightening!

Verb: any of a class of words expressing ACTION, EXISTENCE, or OCCURRENCE, or used as an auxiliary or copula, and usually constituting the main element of a predicate (Ex.: give, build, run, be, happen, do, have, would, seem)

Ok… so, let’s have some fun together! EVERYONE… write a long paragraph about your weekend… then EXTRACT the verbs and LIST them in a separate sentence as I have done in this post.

MAYBE, we’ll LEARN something about ourselves! Maybe we’ll GET A GOOD LAUGH! Maybe we’ll gain some kind of spiritual revelation…

So PARTICIPATE guys and gals… we’re all waiting to EXPERIENCE YOUR SPECTACULAR VERBS!

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6 thoughts on “The Verbs of My Beautiful Weekend!

  1. Wow, is everyone threatened by a little English Comp. assignment? Well, I'll take a stab…

    "What i did last weekend"

    Slid off of my couch, then sat on my the floor, shook my head a bit to get my bearings. Scratched my chin, I gazed at the clock. I focused, and wondered what that strange sound was …it was just my phone. i must have dropped it the night before and now muffled it under my…sofa cushion. Oh well. They'll call back…

    I rolled out some biscuit dough and peeled some onions. The kids were having a yard sale, they'd need a good breakfast. I napped for a while, cause they might ask me to help them or something.

    Oh, it was so hot at the yard sale. All I wanted was to lie in the shade the whole time, except people kept approaching me, asking me stuff. I just haggled right back until they left me alone.

    I vaguely noticed that i was shivering… and blinking several times, also perceived that it was raining. I slid off my couch, then sat on the grass, shook my head a bit to get my bearings. I Scratched my chin, and gazed at the empty yard gleaming under the street light. Leaning back on my couch, I wondered why it didn't sell? Oh, there's my phone under the cushion. I focused my eyes on the screen in the now steadily splashing rain drops. An unread text message. It was the kids. "Yard sale postponed till next weekend"

    Let's see, my verb list shakes out like this: slid, sat, shook, scratched, gazed,focused, wondered, dropped, muffled, rolled, peeled,wanted, lie, haggled, shivering, blinking, perceived,slid, sat, shook, scratched, gazed, leaned, wondered, focused

  2. Kristen, I believe Nuala is kindly suggesting that you live a dogs life!!!! LOL!!! Just kidding around with you gals of course:)

    This is fun Pastor! Give us some more fun things like this but add some good biblical meat to it too! Nothing is impossible for you:)

    I love this blog and our blog family!

  3. thanks for the laugh Vickie….seriously read the list of Kristen's verbs….slid,sat, shook, and scratched….etc. LOL.

    Kristen you did a much better job on this exercise then I did and I made my public for yesterday's blog topic. I couldn't come up with a way to write it, so I just made the list of verbs without the narrative. I hope you have a wonderful day.