Video: comments & prayer about todays blog!


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6 thoughts on “Video: comments & prayer about todays blog!

  1. Thanks you guys… I know its sloppy… I sat at the computer with nothing prepared… it's ok for a first video. I have to watch few tutorials about how to make videos… it was a little stressful figuring out how to use some of those features. The video FEELS to be effective and thats what counts. Thanks for the enthusiasm! More to come next week!

  2. WOW!! I love this addition to your blog! I am a visual person and of course I know you and can put a name with a face, etc but for all of our bloggies out there that has never met you I would think that this would add even more personalization to this blog.

    We are just getting back in town from camping so I am catching up on the blogs and this one WOW!! I was just discussing this weekend with some people about brain injury and pathways and how when damage is done and you think that there is no hope basically…. NOT !!!!

    It's complicated to explain but when one stays persistent and determined and perseveres after that which one KNOWS or has FAITH in the one delivering the message of hope it sparks curiosity and renews hope that may have been dormant for a season. The brain will find new pathways if you work at it consistently and with determination. In TBI (traumatic brain injury) pathways maybe be severed, lost, fried, broken, etc but the blessings of the new paths are such a joy to discover and we know it's all by God's grace, mercy, love and guidance that brought us through and led us to those new paths.

    We know He used some people in our physical paths to help us find those hidden treasures locked deep within us. We, in turn need to help those along our path in life also find their treasures that may be locked deep within themselves.

    Thanks for the blog!