The Perfect Calm

Happy Monday! Eventful weekend… my contributions seemed to make a pretty big difference for quite a few people… I feel accomplished and at peace this morning. My mood is calm. Today feels just like the ocean shore the day after a tumultuous storm… perfectly calm. The waves, gently rolling upon this smooth and restful shoreline. […]

HWJB: How Would Jesus Be?

Happy Friday! I’m blogging from a Richmond Starbucks this morning… came here to help Emily’s Mom prepare for Emily’s Dad to come home from the hospital after SIX WEEKS. Thank God, Merle is miraculously improving… we are so happy about this! This morning, I had a most outstanding conversation with a very good friend… on […]

Riding the Ricochet!

Happy Thursday! Forward momentum at destiny family center… epic! Last night: the best wednesday night in a VERY long time! Wow! Attendance was off the carts… worship was heavenly… during the message, I felt like the Virgin Mary giving birth to the Son of God. Please don’t take me as sacrilegious… seriously you guys, I […]

There is a Due Season 4 Every Breakthrough

Happy Tuesday! MOMENTUM is a force to be reckoned with! Since starting this blog site last fall… we’ve posted 287 INSPIRATIONAL messages… only 78 days away from ONE FULL YEAR of blogging. With Gods help, we’ve been able to post some kind of message or announcement for EVERY DAY. You guys have posted 1466 comments […]

DFC: 1st Sunday of the 8th Year- Eight: New Beginnings!

Happy Sunday! Note: a glitch on the word-press interface keeps me from being able to format todays blog. Grrrr! Today: Destiny Family Center celebrates the 1st Sunday of our 8th year: EIGHT- the number for NEW BEGINNINGS! I believe that this next year is going to be the YEAR of NEW… new friendships and divine […]

I Was touched By An Angel!

Happy Saturday! Last night, Emily and I went to the family night for our very dear old friend, Mary Hamilton. I was “Touched By An Angel!” Gosh, I would give anything to have ONE MORE conversation with my VERY dear friend Mary Hamilton! As you can imagine the disappointments that come with being in full […]