A Bizarre Series of Events!

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was a very strange day for me. Had a few bizarre people attacks… laid down on my patio beside the pond to pray and worship God through the pain of that… and without a rain cloud in the sky it POURED down viciously… so fast I couldn’t get up before I was soaked!

Then, Emily became deathly ill from about 8pm till 1am. Even while I was praying for her… a voice kept telling me that she was going to die. At about 12am… a car pulled in our driveway a few times and sped off each time I went out to see who it was. This undoubtedly put a level of fear on the kids… especially since someone shot at our front dining room window a while back… and we’ve had a few late night stalkers doing these kinds of things periodically over the past few months.

Even though I prayed and trusted God to protect our home, I slept with one eye open… since I am the man of this house and Gods delegated covering to my family. Thank God for getting us all through that night safely. I believe that Emily is going to wake up healthy and happy… and today will be everything it is supposed to be.

Over the past 30 days at Destiny Family Center, on Wednesday nights I’ve been speaking more passionately about the great commission than EVER before. Today will be the first Sunday presenting this message to our Sunday morning crowd. We’re launching a fall outreach… GO: Going Out… with a smile, a prayer, and an invitation!

If all goes well… HUNDREDS will come into the light between now and the end of the year. I know the DARKNESS has been disturbed and something evil has been stirred to an oblivion! What happened yesterday was like a drive by shooting from intruders of another realm.

Even while I type this message, I just received a call from one of our KEY intercessors about how her husband was just carried off in an ambulance unconscious. When she woke up this morning… she found him outside the kitchen door laying on the ground bleeding from his nose… and has no idea what happened.

Obviously, I’m heading to the hospital… and then to church at 10am. Seriously… I have never experienced the furry of a SUDDEN SPIRITUAL TORNADO like this before. All will turn out well… and “GO” will be presented today… maybe not as professionally as it could have been… nevertheless, our friends at DFC will EXPERIENCE the AWESOMENESS of this BRILLIANT church initiative!

Have a super day everyone! Thanks for your continual prayer and support… you guys are super people!

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7 thoughts on “A Bizarre Series of Events!

  1. Last night was truly bizzare at about 8:30 pm I started having chest pains and pains in my left jaw and arms and tongue was tingling. Randy prayed over me and I laid down about 9 and thought I wasn't going to wake up. God is aware of what is going on and I am thankful for that. I have not experienced an attack in that form before and it was a bit overwhelming. I did not panic I just started praying and then Randy started praying.

    Protect us Lord in these times of attack. Keep us focused on You.

  2. Covering you, Em, Prayer team and our families, us, DFC family, and the community in much prayer! Just like a tornado has an "eye of the storm" that is calm and peace and no destruction" if we keep our focus on Christ and not the destruction, not the things flying around us in the dark realm we too will find peace in God alone.

    See you in a bit

  3. I agree. Yesterday was NOT so hot. But after I called a few people and had them pray over me it went AMAZING! And obviously this morning I was a little crazy! I missed singing soooooo badly. But I'm so glad that you got here this morning. You are such a blessing!!!!!!

  4. Sorry to hear about the events that have been happening around you. Did emily eat at Subway? Pass the word that information was leaked from the US Food distributors that supply Subway with thier meats, that they sent out tanted meat. They are not recalling it back at this time. So please don't eat subway for about the next 4 to 6 weeks. They said it was the turkey mainly. So please pass the word to anyone who crosses your path. Don't want anyone getting sick.

    Hope things get better around your house. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderfi

  5. Chuck,

    I’m claiming Psalm 91 as well as Isaiah 54:17 over all of you. God IS with you and WILL protect you! We will continue to pray for you.

    Let us know how Emily is doing.