I Was touched By An Angel!

Happy Saturday!

Last night, Emily and I went to the family night for our very dear old friend, Mary Hamilton.

I was “Touched By An Angel!” Gosh, I would give anything to have ONE MORE conversation with my VERY dear friend Mary Hamilton!

As you can imagine the disappointments that come with being in full time ministry… every MINISTER needs a person like Mary to COME AND BREATHE LIFE over their dry bones from time to time!

For several years… after EVERY service, Mary would walk up to the alter and WRAP HER ARMS AROUND ME! She would preach my message back to me… and tell me I was the most special person in the universe!

I remember on one very discouraging day, Mary came to me with the speech of her lifetime (at least as her lifetime intersected with mine). With a heart filled with love and passion, Mary said to me, “I can see the discouragement in your eyes Pastor Chuck… you shake that, man of God, because this earth is not good enough for you… you hear me! (Hebrews 11:38) Don’t you let anyone reduce your value! You were born to write history… and NOTHING will stop you from doing that!”

Mary’s hugs and smiles… and the way she would hold my hands for 15 minutes at a time… oh God, how will I survive the days to come without Mary Hamilton?

Even though Mary had moved on to other ASSIGNMENTS throughout the years, she was back at Destiny Family Center a few months ago… and just as surely as the sun rises… she walked up front after my message… and she grabbed my hands… and she asked me to look into her eyes… and she said, “I love you Pastor Chuck! You know Sister Mary loves ya! Don’t you ever forget what I told you years ago! You were born to write history, man of God… don’t you let ANYONE reduce your value! Shake it off… don’t get down in the mud with people who are going nowhere… keep your eyes on the prize… keep running… don’t you EVER look back… I see you in the future and it makes me LAUGH WITH JOY!”

Oh God, I will miss that amazing woman! I don’t believe I have EVER known another person to IMPACT so many lives as MARY did without a pulpit! Every minister on earth should be so PRIVILEGED to have a LEGACY like hers!

Last night at the family night, they opened up a microphone for comments… I was too MOVED by everyone else’s comments to say anything… I was speechless and dammed up with many tears… as I sat on HOLY GROUND in the presence of a HOLY WOMAN!

If I could have talked, I would have mentioned how MOVED I AM to be a better person as I consider the life of Mary Hamilton! I would mention that I NEVER saw her frown… not ONE time. I would mention that she was the greatest ENCOURAGER… always joyful, always ENTHUSIASTIC about EVERY sermon (even the stinkers), always standning in a posture of FAITH, always living out the words of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8…

“LOVE is patient, LOVE is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. LOVE does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. LOVE never fails…”

I pray for God to make me more like Mary. I pray for her amazing children and grandchildren… that they too would follow in Mary’s footsteps… there is no better path! I also pray for Pastor Jeff Ferguson as he ministers the funeral today… 2pm at First Assembly of God- Harrisonburg VA. Pastor Jeff is speaking from this very same theme, “Touched By An Angel”… what a celebration of LIFE this shall be!


If you guys get a chance… head over to the Kyger Funeral Home website and BE INSPIRED with the comments written about Mary Hamilton! Have a most outstanding Saturday… and don’t forget church tomorrow… Destiny Family Center meets at 10am… 7 year anniversary picnic following the celebration service!

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7 thoughts on “I Was touched By An Angel!

  1. Mary touched our family in so many ways. No matter the hell we were going through she would always encourage us. She would hug us until she was sure that we felt the love of God. I miss those hugs.

  2. “If I could have talked, I would have mentioned how MOVED I AM to be a better person as I consider the life of Mary Hamilton! I would mention that I NEVER saw her frown… not ONE time. I would mention that she was the greatest ENCOURAGER… always joyful, always ENTHUSIASTIC…”

    I know what you are going through. If I could have been at Rich’s Celebration of Life, I would have been in the same shape, not able to talk. But there was no way I could get there. Too far away.

    But your comments remind me of how he was, and I’m sure still is! This was the one thing that I remember about Rich when we were in college together — he was NEVER down, never frowning, never, never, never. Back then, he got on my nerves by being that way, ha ha! But from this past Decemeber on, Rich’s attitude was such a joy, and so refreshing, and such a blessing. His encouragement carried me through some rough times with Mom.

    So I know how you feel. And like you, I pray for God to make me more like Rich, more like his precious wife Connie, and his amazing kids, Trek and Aimee, who live fully and laugh and love… so amazing.

    He was a general, just like Mary! And now we get to take their places, amen? 🙂

    Blessings to you, Pastor Chuck!

  3. Oh, uh, oops! Were you not on the prayer list for Rich Willis? I thought you were…. my bad.

    Rich was a friend of mine in college. Well, we were sort of friends. (Long story there.) And we didn’t keep up with each other through the years, but then we reconnected on that wonderful social wonder: Facebook! It was totally God that we reconnected, and for seven months we built an amazing friendship, one that mended a lot of the wounds in that long story from college…

    Rich battled colon cancer, that moved into his lungs. During his entire battle, he was never down. He was such a testimony to God’s grace. If you go to http://www.richwillis.com, there is a link on the right to his cancer blog. His sense of humor can be easily seen on the homepage of that blog. But the updates… they are amazing.

    There is also a link to a sermon that Rich preached, three weeks before he left this earth for his heavenly home.

    Oh, and he is quite the inventor. I say “is” because I doubt that the Lord is allowing him to lay down that talent and ability! :0) I have full confidence that Rich (and Mary too!) will stay quite busy in Heaven!

    So if you have time, wander over to his website and take a look around, and read his blog. I’m sure you will be blessed.

    Wish I could come to the anniversary celebration today! I’m sure it’s going to be fun!

    • WOW Michelle… I did get that message and I did pray for Rich Willis… I just didn't make the connection and I did not know that he passed away! Wow… I remember going to his blog and being so inspired!! Thanks for helping me to make that connection… and thanks for sharing about how much he inspired you!