Let’s Exchange Todays Schedule! Here’s Mine..

Happy Wednesday!

Today should be another FUN and EXCITING day in the life of Chucky Balsamo…

  • first, I need to finish writing this blog,
  • then pray and read for another 30 minutes,
  • handle a few minor issues over the phone on the way to a jail visit in Harrisonburg and another one in Verona,
  • arrive at my office and have a productive meeting with my assistant Kristin Via,
  • do some strategic planning for our “Love Stuarts Draft” fall outreach,
  • work on tonight’s and Sundays messages,
  • drink a SlimFast on the go for lunch,
  • write the rest of my book query and send it to a few agents and publishers,
  • chat with Nathan Bain about the October youth outreach: “You’re Not Alone”,
  • go home for a delicious dinner with my loving family,
  • speak tonight at Destiny Family Center– 7pm,
  • come home around 9pm,
  • watch CSI while I do some more writing,
  • and HOPEFULLY visit the land of dreams around 11pm.
  • Of course, this doesn’t include tweeting on twitter or responding to emails, blog comments, facebook comments, and emails throughout the day.

Maybe you can come to DFC or catch the LIVE internet broadcast tonight. I hope so!

What is life like for a day in the world of YOU? Really, I’d love to hear your story and I bet everyone else would too! List your entire schedule… if you don’t mind. Come on, scroll down and do it NOW. I bet the accountability will TRIPLE your productivity for the day! And if it helps… you can start leaving your schedule everyday!

That’s it for today… make your life count… have FUN all day long… when you work, work with all your heart… when you rest, rest with all your heart! Be ON when you’re supposed to be ON… and OFF when you’re supposed to be OFF. Like this, you will experience a well balanced, well rested, and highly productive life!

Titus 3:14 Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order that they may provide for daily necessities and not live unproductive lives.

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Exchange Todays Schedule! Here’s Mine..

  1. 7:15 woke up
    7:20 woke Joel up
    7:25 Jude woke up LOL!
    7:25 Checked Facebook and Farm Town
    7:30 harvested my pumpkins, sent coconut trees to my Farm Town friends
    7:50 Sent Joel out to the bus
    7:55 Brian got home from work
    8:00 Touched base with Brian
    9:15 Joel called with headache and hunger from school
    9:35 Went to SDHS and dropped off Ibuprofen and chocolate poptarts 🙂
    9:40 fixed and ate breakfast with Jude and Brian
    10:30 Jude and I are out running errands
    12:30 Back home for lunch
    1:00 Wake Brian and do devotion together
    2:00 Jude's nap and my prep time for my interview tomorrow
    3:15 Joel and Jordan home from school
    3:30 Take Joel to work
    4:00 Fix supper
    4:30 Make sure Jordan does his homework
    5:00 eat supper together
    5:30 Make sure Jordan showers, and give Jude bath
    6:40 off to church at DFC
    9:00 home and put Jude to bed
    9:30 watch recorded episode of Lie to Me
    10:30 in bed, getting a good night's sleep before interview tomorrow

  2. Ha ha… Pastor Chuck, you are too funny.

    I have never wanted to compare my schedule to a pastor's… I know pastors work WAY too hard, and most of us couldn't keep up, even if we wanted to! But here's my schedule, for what it's worth: (and tonight it will summ up differently from what you see here, I can assure you)

    6:00 AM Up and woke up younger son because of his EEG this morning at 9

    6:45 AM Still forcing younger son to "stay awake" for his EEG; husband up

    7:00 AM talking to younger son to keep him awake while husband gets ready for work

    7:25 AM Husband ready, so I get ready for day while husband keeps younger son awake; older son is up now

    7:55 AM All pile in car to take husband to work, so I can have car

    8:15 AM Arrive at hospital for younger son's EEG

    8:30 AM EEG begins early

    9:30 AM EEG complete; now headed back home

    9:45 AM Older son crashes on couch; younger son in shower to wash icky stuff out of hair

    9:55 AM Check emails, check FB, check phone for messages; preheat oven for baking muffins

    10:00 AM Younger son out of shower; older son awakened by bad dream; discuss dream for a minute or two

    10:15 AM Oven off; no one wants muffins! Now, why did I think "muffins" anyway?

    10:30 AM Older son crashes again on couch to sleep for next hour; encourage younger son to do same.

    And here I sit…

    the rest of the day SHOULD look like the following, though like I said, things are always "subject to change" around here:

    10:35 AM Check Caring Bridge page for Matt Hodge, teenager in Franklin, TN, who was involved in a car/train accident this past weekend. (Pastor Chuck, please have your church join in and pray with us if you don't mind. Matt is the son of Tim Hodge, former employee of Big Idea (VeggieTales), and a friend of mine. Matt's Caring Bridge page is http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/matthodge. You have to sign up to read it, but it's worth the read. Thank you in advance for passing this along.)

    10:50 AM Finished with schedule for Pastor Chuck's blog, go back to reading and commenting on friend's blog

    11:15 AM Make list of people to call concerning Mom's accounts and finances.

    11:30 AM Call about the insurance company covering Mom's extra living expenses while the house is being rebuilt

    11:45 AM Complete daily schedule and plan for homeschooling younger son; complete personal daily schedule and plan that will begin next week when school starts

    WOW… it just hit me, no quiet time yet this morning. OUCH… well, might as well be real honest here, right? How easily we forget, Lord Jesus. Please forgive me, Father God.

    Okay, Rewind!

    10:45 AM QUIET TIME! God needs my full attention here, so I'll be back in a few. :0)

    • Michelle… dont get all humble on us and then post a schedule like that! lol Seriously, thank you for being so transparent. I will pray for your friend Matt Hodge and Tim Hodge and the rest of the Hodge family. And I pray your very busy day goes VERY WELL! Wow… look at the difference you're making on an ordinary day in the life of Michelle!

      I love reading these schedules… keep them coming you guys… or should I say GALS. Come on guys, lets here something from the male sector! 🙂

  3. 6:05 am alarm goes off and out of bed, let dogs outside

    6:10 fix bowl of oatmeal, feed dogs

    6:15-6:45 eat breakfast while reading God's Word and having my morning prayer and time with the Lord

    6:50-55 get in shower and get ready for work (takes a while since I am a woman and must do hair, makeup, decide what to wear, etc.) I am NOT A MORNING PERSON so I move slow in the morning.

    8:20-30 leave for work

    8:45-5:00 work as a Paralegal for an awesome Christian attorney. Our office is small and we are like a mini-family; we laugh, tease, joke, and just have a good time which makes my day a lot of fun.

    5:00 pm go home and begin fixing dinner

    6:00 pm eat dinner with my husband

    6:30 pm clean up kitchen and begin laundry, pickup/clean some of my house each evening and/or forget the house and spend time with my son, his wife, and my 2 beautiful, precious grandchildren

    9:00 pm begin winding down, wash face

    9:15 pm sit in bed and have my devotional and prayer time

    10:00-10:15 lights out and sleep

    Oh yeah, I also have time during the day and at lunch when I check FB, work on my Farm, email, etc.

    Tues. evenings from 5:30-7:30 I tutor 2 boys in reading and spelling and don't get home till about 8:00 pm

    I just try to take each day as it comes and am open for a new adventure/change each day. My life is never the same from day to day which keeps it exciting at times.

  4. Okay, let's try this again….

    After having a really good quiet time — Love You, Father God! — I'm back at it.

    Oh, yeah… I also had a nap from 11:30 to 12:00. :0)

    It's an amazing thing how God can reorder your priorities when you spend a little bit of time with Him, you know? But I bet everyone that reads this already knew that, Pastor Chuck, just like *I* already knew that, before I even began this little adventure of sharing my schedule with you.

    Most days start out with quiet time early before anyone wakes up, so this day has been rather peculiar, and once home from the hospital I headed into it "full speed ahead" without backing up to take care of what was needed.

    So the rest of the day looks like this:

    Take care of Mom's financial records — get them organized and into the filing cabinet.

    Make a few necessary phone calls for Mom, and one for me.

    Read my novel that needs to be finished, ALL THE WAY THROUGH, so I can get a firm grasph on how to finish it.

    Finish the school schedule and the personal schedule.

    Finish blog post for my media arts blog, on the Transformers II movie.

    Make dinner.

    Eat dinner.

    Clean kitchen after dinner.

    Email brothers concerning Mom's status, and re-evaluate where we are going with her care (Mom's house was destroyed by a 90-foot oak tree, and she is losing her memory, so she now has no house to live in, but shouldn't live alone any more, so she is in assisted living, and I am her "durable power of attorney" so I am now running two households… fun, fun… but GOD IS GOOD!)

    Make sure to have quality time with each son tonight before bed.

    Recheck FB and emails and Caring Bridge page before bed.

    Write FB message to those who have been praying for Mom.

    Post rest of pictures of the house/tree removal on FB.

    Get to bed sometime before… midnight?

    I can't put times on these events, but these are going into my Time and Chaos schedule right now, and this is how the rest of the day will be filled. All in all, good day to be had, and a lot accomplished. But I will tell you that this looks a whole lot different than what I had originally planned BEFORE the quiet time.

    God said something very interesting to me during my quiet time. He said, "you need to understand how time fits into My way of doing things. I made time holy. I do things and plan things according to MY time. Things happen according to MY time. And you develop a peaceful state of mind when you trust Me for when and how things are going to happen, within MY time frame."

    Something I think I've always known, but it's good to be reminded of such.

    Be blessed, Pastor Chuck! Like I said earlier, there's no way I would trade schedules with you or any other pastor; you all outdo what I do, every day of the week!

    NOW… while Son #2 is still fast asleep, I'm going to go read my novel! 😀

  5. Pastor, you really shouldn't be so secretive! Really, great blog and great opportunity to examine our very precious time (or lack of). Are we being productive? Are we giving to others? Are we giving to a greater cause? Are we rejuvinating ourselves for future hectec days? I heard a song today about making choices every day and how everyone sees our choices…Francesca Battistelli–"It's Your Life". Very cool. Well I know you're busy! Talk to ya later!! 🙂

  6. My day turned out very well so far. It's 5:56pm… getting ready for church. Had a few divine appointments scattered throughout the day… got behind at times, still a VERY fruitful day! Hope all you guys had the same result! Happy evening!

  7. My Wednesday Schedule

    Get up

    have coffee


    Check facebook and reality fan forum

    check myspace

    read the paper


    get ready for work

    make last minute preperations for teaching

    teach til 3:20

    staff meeting til 5:00


    eat dinner

    went to bed at 6:00