Multi-Jump Scores & Breathtaking Wins!

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was SUPER… mine was unprecedented! A thousand prayers answered in ONE DAY!

Sometimes, it seems as if God is on a long vacation in another universe… it feels as if he’s not answering a single prayer… as if we are drifting far away from our dreams, until we even consider giving up on our dreams. Then out of NOWHERE it would seem, God swoops down out of the sky like a super hero to the rescue… and in ONE SWIFT SERIES OF ACTIONS, He changes EVERYTHING!

I’m a few years older than my handsome baby brother, Jason Paul Balsamo. When we were kids, we went through a checkers fad. Since I was older, there was a period of time when I would whip him pretty bad. He might whip me today… but back then when I was eight and I was five… I would toy with him… setting him up for multi-jump moves! And just when he thought he was going to take me down… I would jump jump jump jump… and then jump jump jump jump… and take the WIN!

Just like a masterful checker player… God is a master strategist! Whenever it appears like he is making stupid moves… don’t be so quick to tell him that. Wait, watch, and TRUST. God plays the board the BEST it can be played… he sets us up for MULTI-JUMP scores and BREATHTAKING WINS!

It is in these moments of profound breakthrough, that we are able see just how SMART GOD IS! When he comes through… we taste his brilliance! Once our lives start multi-jumping to victory… we see the MASTERY in his wild and crazy methods! Don’t we?

1 Peter 5:6 says, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s MIGHTY HAND, that he may lift you up in DUE TIME.”

This is exactly what I am talking about! Life kicks us in the face… we run in to our bedroom and cry on our pillow… and God WATCHES! He feels our pain… he’s moved with compassion… he places his MIGHTY HAND on our head… and in DUE TIME, we jump jump jump jump… and jump jump jump jump… and we move from the bottom STRAIGHT TO THE TOP in an INSTANT!

John “Hannibal” Smith… from one of my favorite tv shows of all time, The A-Team… he’s remembered for saying, “I love it when a plan comes together!” Me too Hannibal!


That’s my blog for today… I pray it adds tremendous value to your amazing lives! Have a most outstanding day everyone!

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One thought on “Multi-Jump Scores & Breathtaking Wins!

  1. Even though I am 33, there are times when things don’t go my way I throw a fit and act like a brat. Now it is when I think God isn’t going to come through. I am getting out of the flesh in that area now and when I have a set back I get mad at myself. I want to glorify God in the waiting period.