7 Steps 2 a Cooler You!

Happy Friday! 1 Peter 5:8-11 (The Message Bible) Keep a COOL head. Stay alert. The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up. You’re not the only ones plunged into these hard times. It’s the same with Christians all over the world. So keep […]

Filling the Shoes of Departed Generals

Happy Thursday! Mind is blank… nothing coming to me… what shall I write about this overcast morning? The comfortable patio chairs are wet, I’m enjoying a crappy stone bench, the next best thing… ouch my cheeks are screaming, and my back, and my neck. The things I do for you good people! lol!!! You know […]

11 Thoughts 4 Thriving a Recession!

Happy Wednesday! Made a sloppy financial decision yesterday. Got caught up in the moment on EBAY… became the highest bidder on a gift I wanted to purchase for a very dear friend… and then everyone else STOPPED BIDDING! For about two hours, I was PRAYING for another bidder… and nothing but SILENCE! Then I got […]

The 14 Obvious Blessings of the Christian Church

Happy Monday! Looks like another beautiful day here in the Shenandoah Valley. The weekend was SUPER… hope yours was too. Had some pretty significant glitches of technology yesterday at church… still ended up with a transformational service. It was as perfect as it needed to be… and even though I was STRESSED about the imperfections, […]

Celebration: It’s a Demonstration of Your Faith!

Happy Sunday! I love praying on my patio in the dark! The colored lighting is so beautiful, the fish swimming so gracefully, a chorus of bugs singing in the distance… thumper, pickle and their frog pals jumping every few minutes… a gentle breeze, an inner warmth… the feeling of HOPE and momentum and triumph… a […]

Invincible, Untainted & Still on Top!

Happy Friday! Great week this has been! I feel very accomplished this morning… momentum is building into something so big… I can FEEL IT! No matter what comes at us, we keep getting stronger. Like a tree, who’s roots reach deep into the earth during a windy storm… our roots are racing into the DEEP. […]

A Fork in the Charismatic Road

Happy Thursday! My dear friend Aswan North finally released his first song on Itunes. Paper Tongues is the name of his band… check out their band website and purchase their 99 cent release. Also, my friend and partner in ministry, Dave Harman sent an article written by Matt Sorger that really confirmed my thoughts on […]

The Real Meaning of Life 4 a Follower of Jesus!

Happy Wednesday! Had a super day in downtown Roanoke Virginia yesterday, celebrating 19 years with Emily! (photo of “center at the square”) Then last night, we went to the Expo Fair in Fishersville to watch our friend Cole Moore take home another first place at the motocross event. I’ve been thinking and praying so much […]

Trust: The Story of a King & His Prime Minister

Happy Tuesday! Today, I celebrate NINETEEN YEARS of absolute BLISS with the love of my life, Emily Elizabeth Wall Balsamo! It wasn’t ALL bliss… let me tell you, I had to put up with sooooooo much, ohhhh you good people have NO IDEA what poor little Chucky had to ENDURE… and now after nearly TWO […]