Riding the Ricochet!

Happy Thursday!

Forward momentum at destiny family center… epic! Last night: the best wednesday night in a VERY long time! Wow! Attendance was off the carts… worship was heavenly… during the message, I felt like the Virgin Mary giving birth to the Son of God. Please don’t take me as sacrilegious… seriously you guys, I think God possessed me a few weeks ago… and this current MESSAGE is not the ordinary next sermon series… it’s more like a PROPHETIC MANIFESTO! These are CLASSIC days for sure…

This year has been a challenging one to say the least… and even though we are today WAY ON THE OTHER SIDE of a very difficult experience, some of us will never forget March of 2009. It’s interesting to hear how many of our members run into a few old DFC’ers… and they are asked, “Are you STILL going to DFC?” I’m told their response has been something like, “Are you kidding me? YES I am still going to DFC… that place is on fire right now!”

Thanks to God who carefully guards his ASSIGNMENT, we not only survived our 7 years of tribulation… we’re RICOCHETED BACK FROM EVERY GRAVE WITH A GREATER BLESSING! This most recent set of challenges seems to have blessed us more than all the rest! New people are FLOODING into our doors… new salvation’s, new talents, new zeal, new creativity, and new resources… all making far more possible, the successful progressive realization of our worthwhile DREAM!

In addition to this LOCAL WAVE OF BLESSING on the Destiny Family Center campus… we have seen an unprecedented gathering of people from all over the world into our internet social network! As mentioned on tuesday, our blog stats are skyrocketing!

Just two days ago, I was asked by a Universal Records Executive to pull one of my blogs because it shot to NUMBER ONE on a google search for one of their bands… and my post was getting ahead of their long term initiatives. Just to think about the INFLUENCE of this tribe… that we can be positioned at the NUMBER ONE spot for a national topic in less than a week… it brings tears to my eyes!

Thanks to the internet, there are no geographical boundaries… the entire world is well within our reach! People are watching our LIVE and ARCHIVED internet broadcasts EVERY week, some every SERVICE… from all over the USA and in several countries. At this moment in time, we are impacting more people DAILY than we ever did on a Sunday morning… something to be celebrated!

Sadly, many local folks saw my commitment to writing a book, blogging, twittering, internet broadcasting, and social networking as a threat to the local congregation. Small town thinking caused some to unconsciously sabotage the bigness of this DREAM. The word on the streets at times has been, “That guy is building his own kingdom.” Others have been even more consciously aggressive, with a far more carefully executed demand for retreat. We’ve seen it all (well, most of it all)… and somehow, by the GRACE and MERCY of God, we are survivors.

Some actually thought we would lay on the floor wallowing in our misery forever, that we would fade away into nothingness. I even wondered at times myself… and yet, here we are today up from the ashes of humility, THRIVING like a TREE PLANTED BY THE WATERS!

Psalm 40:1-3 I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. 2He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. 3And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.

What does all of this seemingly braggadocios rambling have to do with your lives today? I have 5 statements I wish to make concerning this blog:

  1. To God: You said you would NEVER leave us, nor forsake us… you KEPT YOUR PROMISE… thank you so much!
  2. To local DFC’ers: Appreciate the vision… that mobilizes a local community… to impact the uttermost parts of their WORLD!
  3. To previous DFC’ers: Thanks for contributing to a portion of this journey! Without you, we might not be where we are today! The doors are always open, should you ever decide to give it another shot! If not, God BLESS you wherever your feet are planted!
  4. To bloggers, twitterers, Make Me a Legend Enthusiasts, & facebookers: There are no geographical boundaries! ANYONE can become a VITAL part of this dream. Please consider how you might lend your time, talents, and resources… and how you might become a far more INTENTIONAL part of this team… and help us do something EPIC in the eyes of eternity!
  5. To everyone: Never stop PRAYING… never stop WORSHIPING… never stop BELIEVING… never stop SERVING… never stop LOVING… never STOP DREAMING… never ever SIGN A TREATY when you KNOW THAT YOU KNOW that what you are doing something that really matters in the face of eternity!

I pray that todays blog adds tremendous value to your amazing lives! Look for the Sunday August 23 and Wednesday August 27th DFC services on the video archive…. have a super duper day!

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18 thoughts on “Riding the Ricochet!

  1. Great Blog today. So good to hear how well DFC is doing. Keep up what you are doing and more will walk through those doors.

  2. Last night WAS awesome! I'm so excited and happy to be coming in to DFC at such a time as this. Perfect timing. The message last night was phenomenal and if no one's told you yet, thank you for your honesty!! I've never ever ever heard such an honest message from a pastor before and there's no doubt that will make the church closer and more family-like. Sunday will be great, Chuck. God has you in his hands! So, don't worry about setting the bar higher…he will do it for you!! Bless you!

  3. ("Braggadocious"!!! I love that word!!)Thanks so much for today's blog! You have no idea the level I was at BEFORE I read it, and, now after reading RIDING THE RICHOCET, I'm ready to take on somethin'!!! I felt the tingles of anticipation and an involuntary grin fastening itself to my previous gloomy face. "Statement #5" was, for me, a shot in the arm strait from God! God bless you and favor you today so that everything you do is a huge success!!

  4. A word of caution about social networking, etc. While these are valuable tools (I'm a 3 year blogger myself), and can be used by God in a variety of ways, they cannot ever take the place of the local congregation, and should always be subserviant to that congregation (especially as a pastor). There are many things that the local church must provide (sacraments, church discipline, etc.) that the online community simply cannot provide. A pastor cannot properly "shepherd" people that he never meets in person, but he is responsible for the souls in his congregation, as he must give account of them.

  5. Thanks for the input Puritan lad. Whereas I agree with you concerning the value of a local congregation, I'm increasingly compelled to mobilize our local congregation around the mission of shepherding the unchurched persons of our world. To effectively shepherd destiny family center of Stuarts draft, we have formed a TEAM of shepherds…our amazing CARE team. Together, we provide for the needs of our congregation as well as any church in America these days. There is a great value in meeting face to face with other believers to fellowhip, worship, and learn sound doctrine.

    Destiny family center will always promote Hebrews 10:25… Calling on believers to meet together weekly.

    Whether we like it or not… More and more people are opting out of weekly gatherings for valid and invalid reasons. If a person is able to gather, he should do so. What about the shut-ins… What about the people who will not attend a church at this time because of a bad experience or because of having to work on Sundays? Instead of telling these people to come to church or burn in hell, maybe we can discover a way to minister to them while they heal.

    Sorry for my scattered thoughts… This is written from my iPhone.

    Here's what I'm planning to do… Continue to shepherd a team of shepherds and a team of leaders… and continue to build the best church family we can as God leads. Simultaniously, are going to perfect our Internet outreach so that we can shepherd the unchurched as well as this can be done…

    I can see your justified concern Puritan lad… and I share your love for the local church. I also feel like the Internet is affording us gigantic opportunities for reaching more people than ever before.

    Since the members of destiny family center will be working together at reaching the unreached, we will be able to grow like the early church did… while doing the great Comission. This creates a harvest focused believer rather than a self focused congragation that's always learning but never putting their faith into practice.

    Ballance is key… (more to come when I get the time to finish). Thanks again for your thoughts Puritan lad… Have an amazing day!

  6. It seems as though all involved in the March 09 happenings are better for it. All I have spoken with who have left DFC are happier, closer to God, more on fire, more spirit-filled, more blessed, and more mature in Christ than ever before. Looks like God has a plan for all of us. Too bad many of the current DFCers feel the need to alienate those who have been led elsewhere….and even you have cut off all communication with most who have left. I think God has ONE church. And WE are the body! How can we call ourselves Christ-like when our actions contradict his ways…..?

    • Great to hear you and others are doing so well jaime. Todays blog was not written to compare one path with another… Just a declaration of RELIEF and excitement over our recent progress. After all we've been through… we have a right to be passionate about this milestone. I hope you can understand that. As far as alienation. I choose to spend time with people i can learn from, teach, enjoy, or profit with. Time is short and I see no use using up my hours in fruitless conflict. God bless you all in your eforts to make a difference in this world.

  7. Hey Pastor, We are truly blessed with God 's presence in our house. The people God is sending are absoulutely beautiful additions to our family. I love bbq Emily's enthusiam for what God is doing in our house She is one of many that God is impacting and sending to us. Soon we will be sitting in cubbies talking online to people we havent seen or hugged but will be connecting in prayer, praise, testimonies, encouragement,and pure love and the power of God. It will be new and awesome. God will make connections in the spirit as well as in person. I have friends from work who are checking us out and commenting on what great services we have and I am geussing that after 3 they wont be able to stay away. Care to Wager? (lol! thats for all those religous spirits out there)

    Just kidding Be Blessed

  8. Thanks Chuck. While it is great to have a heart for the unchurched, it is important for the pastor to recognize that his #1 priority, even above evangelism, is to feed the flock of God, to watch over the sheep that God has put into his care. (In fact, if this is done properly, it is the flock who will evangelize the unchurched.) It is the local congregation that the pastor will be held accountable for.

    • I agree that a healthy church is a multiplying church. I guess where we differ is in how churches are made healthy. I believe that shepherding is best accomplished by working with a TEAM of shepherds. I also believe that Jesus modeled evangelism as a priority of his shepherding… and pastors should follow that example. I appreciate what you are saying… point well spoken. I just feel very strongly that church traditions have stolen quite a bit of evangelistic fervor from the hearts of the modern pastor. I believe a good Pastor should model all aspects of ministry and lead an example for their congregations to follow. Raising mature believers includes raising believers who are activated in the great commission. As a pastor, I believe it is my divine responsibility to mobilize Gods flock to carry out the initiatives of Jesus. Thanks for weighing in on this topic… God bless you, Puritan Lad!

  9. "I agree that a healthy church is a multiplying church."

    I don't necessarily agree with that, (In fact, more often than not, the fastest growing churches are not spiritally healthy, but are enticing itching ears.) While we all want to see church growth, sometimes a church is made healthier by subtraction (like Isaiah, who lost 90% of his congregation because he preached the truth). Measuring the health and success of a church or ministry by growth or numbers is a bad error, and I wish I could convince all pastors of this truth. It is a zeal for Biblical truth that makes a church healthy. The results are what they are.

    "I believe that shepherding is best accomplished by working with a TEAM of shepherds."

    I do agree with that (I'm Presbyterian). But all shepherds on that team will give account of the spiritual health of their flock.

  10. Answering a love-motivated text msg from an old member about praying for a relative of YOURS does NOT constitute conflict. Be careful who you “learn from.” Some things should be unlearned…. God Bless.