1 Simple Principle 4 Increase in Business, Life, and Ministry!

Happy Wednesday! Yesterdays blog interaction was breathtaking! I posted a nice little morning message… and then you guys ENHANCED it all day long with a pile of AMAZING additions! Outstanding! Really, I LOVED reading your comments… was very inspired ladies! Ok… I’m very tired this morning, woke up at a little before 4am, couldn’t go […]

Thriving Instead of Surviving Under Pressures & Distractions

Happy Monday! Another week… it’s the fall season here in the northern hemisphere. People are starting to wear long pants and hoodies (sweatshirts)… leaves are starting to fall from some of our trees, plants are starting to shrivel up, our grass will be brown in a few more weeks. Everyone seems to be focusing on […]

The Brightness of Your Dawn!

Happy Sunday! When a light is turned on in the darkness, the darkness is NO MORE.¬†Darkness cannot extinguish light, but light can cause darkness to immediately disappear. -JJ Dewey Matthew 4:16 The people which sat in DARKNESS saw GREAT LIGHT; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death LIGHT IS SPRUNG […]

The Gathering Post

Happy Saturday! Thanks for posting your great comments on my 3-day party blog… had hoped that MORE of you guys would drop in and leave a lovely comment, but VERY INSPIRED by the comments left! I guess you just want me to be the blogger right? Thats ok… because I love blogging and I love […]

Party @ Chucks Blog!

Happy Wednesday! Internet problems early this morning… sorry about the delay in posting today’s blog! I know you guys look forward to reading all the blah, blah, blah things I write every morning! Right?? (cheese smile) Well, I look forward to writing EVERY BLOG… and interacting with you guys each and every day! (rolling my […]

My Secret Garden

Happy Tuesday! Besides leading people to Christ, there is nothing in all the earth comparable to being all alone in the early morning hours, in a secret garden with God and angels… when an earthling worships God with all his heart… and suddenly, a reality of the nearness and realness of Father God overtakes such […]

Momentum: The Reward 4 Consecutive Successes!

Happy Sunday! Last night, I had the opportunity to say the opening prayer over a local pro-wrestling event. Since Emily couldn’t make it, Ricky Wade came along for the adventure… and what a TIME we had you guys! This event was first class from beginning to end… packed out venue, not an empty seat left… […]

Diamonds: High Pressure High Temperature Creations

Happy Saturday! Sitting here on my old worn out family room couch dreaming about all the possibilities of tomorrow morning @ Destiny Family Center! Very intense week this has been… many high pressured challenges met and overcome… and I’ve NEVER felt more right about what I’m doing than I have these past 30 days! God […]