Diamonds: High Pressure High Temperature Creations

Happy Saturday!

Sitting here on my old worn out family room couch dreaming about all the possibilities of tomorrow morning @ Destiny Family Center! Very intense week this has been… many high pressured challenges met and overcome… and I’ve NEVER felt more right about what I’m doing than I have these past 30 days!

God has to be SMILING BIG… as we DO exactly what he has asked us to do, EXACTLY the way he has asked for us to do it! Relentless pressure has a way of reducing life down to its most important elements. Seven months of pressure… and a DIAMOND is found where the COAL once existed!

According to an article @, the most natural diamonds are formed at HIGH-pressure HIGH-temperature conditions existing at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 120 mi) in the Earth mantle.

Pressure and heat… epic levels of pressure and heat!

There is this guy in the Bible, his name is Joseph… his story is found in the book of Genesis. Joseph had a dream when he was young: that he would become a legendary world leader when he grew up.

As Joseph shared his dreams with his older brothers… jealousy provoked them to sell Joseph into Egyptian slavery. And for 13 years, instead of living the dream… Joseph suffered through one of the darkest nightmares any person could ever IMAGINE.

For 13 years, Joseph’s path seemed to be taking him ANYWHERE but up! Left for dead, sold into slavery, falsely accused of raping his masters wife, thrown into prison… all alone, without a loving family or a friend to lean on… JUST A MAN AND HIS DREAM!

I bet each night, as Joseph laid his head to rest… the dreams would return. Somehow, Joseph’s dream survived… it kept speaking… and calling for Joseph to endure those HIGH-PRESSURE HIGH-TEMPERATURE conditions… and what seemed to be 87 to 120 miles into the center of the earth… as far away from a dream as a person can ever get!

If you’ve ever read this story or heard it told, you will know that ONCE THIS DIAMOND had been FULLY DEVELOPED, a series of bizarre events conspired in Joseph’s favor… and as the preachers tell it: Joseph went from the pit to the palace JUST LIKE THAT!

All the pain and all the pressure and all the heat… it had to be so worth it when Joseph’s good name was cleared, and he was freed from prison, reunited with his family, and given a royal seat as second in charge of the Egyptian Kingdom!

Talk about a RAGS to RICHES story!

It’s getting late and I have a very busy saturday schedule… so I’m gonna have wrap things up this morning. I hope todays blog inspires you to APPRECIATE your very own HIGH-PRESSURE HIGH-TEMPERATURE conditions… you are NOT going to die in this… you’re going to survive it… and when the time is right, you will be MINED FROM THE EARTH to LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Have a most outstanding weekend everyone! Oh, I’m doing the opening prayer for a local pro wresting event tonight… pray that my prayer turns out good! lol See a bunch of you tomorrow at 10am… in person or on the LIVE broadcast!

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One thought on “Diamonds: High Pressure High Temperature Creations

  1. WOW!! I needed that this morning. That put’s life in prospective. We trudge through the trials in life when we should go through them with the spirit of victory. Knowing that God is at work and in total control and everything we are going through must happen for our Dreams to come true. Pain and pressure are all a part of the journey to Heaven.
    Thanks Chuck and thank God for the trails that mold us into the awesome being God created us to be.