Here’s My Journal, Can I See Yours?

Happy Monday!

Today, I’m just going to journal about yesterday! Please, if you can, take a few minutes to tell me about your yesterday! EVERYONE, please do this… reading journal entries is one of my favorite things to do!

Had a fun day yesterday… until I found out that my New England Patriots lost to the NY Jets. Good thing football is not a high priority of mine! lol

The day began with a little early morning drama… some little diaper devil trying to throw me off my game. Thank God, I prayed enthusiastically and the dark clouds rolled away very fast! Then, church was PROFOUND… filled up the ENTIRE floor section, not many seats left open… just about ready to reopen the balcony… OH YEAH!

Brian Johnson of Jammerz Music tweaked the sound into near perfection… the worship team pulled of a GLORIOUS WORSHIP SET… Roger and Rebecca West visited and sang a special song… and showered us with LYRICS OF FAITH and VOCIES OF ANGELS!

The message was ok! lol Really, I haven’t been preaching SERMONS these past four weeks… I’ve been delivering a NOW message from God! And people from this area seem to be consuming every bite of it!

At the end of service, we prayed over Jeremy & Elaine Spedding as they venture out to help Justin and Ashley Franich with a new church plant (Freedom Outreach & Worship Center) in Front Royal, Virginia! It was SO MOVING for me to SPEAK A BLESSING over such a fine group of young adults! I cannot WAIT to see them all two years from today!

After church, we were invited to lunch at the home of Brian and Caroline Law… had a great time with them and the other beautiful people they invited!

After lunch, my lovely wife Emily Balsamo and I stopped by the movie store and rented: New In Town (Emily’s pick), Mail Order Bride (Emily’s pick-LMN movie), XMen Origins: Wolverine (my pick), and State of Play (my pick). First movie night in a VERY long time!

We watched Emily’s picks first… Mail Order Bride turned out to be a VERY GOOD movie! New In Town was also VERY GOOD! Then I fell asleep on XMen… loved the 30 minutes I saw!

Besides all of this, I had to endure a big old PILE OF SASS from two of my childhood friends from when I lived in New York. They we’re not New England Patriots fans as you can IMAGINE! Grrrrr Lee Jorgensen and Kelly Satterley! lol

Tonight, our football team has a game at Montgomery Hall Park, starts at 8:30pm… come if you can! This Wednesday night, we’re gonna review the results of our last GO Outreach and talk about what’s still to come… don’t miss it: 7pm Wednesday night… in person or LIVE on the internet broadcast!

There’s MY Sunday… now PLEASE tell me about YOURS! I’m WAITING everyone! Come on, don’t be shy… who’s FIRST?

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4 thoughts on “Here’s My Journal, Can I See Yours?

  1. Hahah okay let’s share my yesterday journal

    It was begin on 00.00am and I was saying in my heart “Lord, I wanna begin my day with you” then till 3am, I was preparing the video and the powerpoint for my sermon @church.

    (While of that, brian my hubby were watching “30 days” a zombie movie with the headphone alone) what a not to do while the wife preparinf sermon *lol*

    7am I woke up and started my rountine morning with my VERY ACTIVE baby °◦◦♍a♓‪. Feeding him, while cook for his lunch and his dinner.

    9am we were cleaning up the house, then packing for visiting trip to hubby’s hometown (its 3hour driving from our city)

    11am we moved our tails to speed to church, 11.30 we arrived at church and found LOTS of peeps (already) the service started at 1pm (we only have 1 service for youth last sunday, because it was a long weekend holiday, a idul fitri for moslem day) ..

    By 12am, I led peeps tp had a prayer meeting before the services started. Its AMAZINg, because everybody seems to have the same passion and hunger for the presence of God n suddenly I can easly predicted the CRAZY n ROCKIN sunday. And it did happen

    1pm. Service started with the multimedia opening and my fave worship leading led the congregation with his angelic voice “can u hear the sound of heaven in this place” (I checked on °◦◦♍a♓‪ and feed him for lunch then hand over him to hubby at the back).. 2 song, 3 song, 4 song .. Offering message, welcoming the new comer, announcement by vj on the multimedia, then my turn has come

    Quite and still nervous preaching in front of my senior pastor n my spiritual father (still and will always be I think *lol) it turns out GREAT. The words seems bounce back to me and I liked it! *always*

    I was speaking about “no more excuses” short note about it I saved in my facebook notes. 🙂 its FIT for the 482 young people last sunday and senior pastor seems nod nod nod while I preached, so I was SAFE hahah.

    From 3rd floor of our building to our car was almost half an hour, cause everybody seems fanatic about °◦◦♍a♓‪ *lol*

    We went back home and do the last packing, this and that, shouting NO to °◦◦♍a♓‪ and Yes to °◦◦♍a♓‪

    By 4.30 we went off to Bogor (name of the city we visit and now we’re in Bogor)

    7.30 we arrieved and welcomed by my hubby’s BIG family .. And I love’em all. Unpacking things, chit chat, playing with °◦◦♍a♓‪.

    11pm. Led °◦◦♍a♓‪ to bed, hubby are downstair with the movie *again* then spending my quite time with My King and cried a bit (thanking God, and telling Him how I’m amazed by Him) .. *again*

    Say a prayer, kissed by hubby, pray together with hubby, was about to sleep then one girl called me and excitedly sleepy counceled her for a while. Was about to sleep again, then one of my youth leader called me and asked me about one important thing about his cellgroup. Okay, .. Then off to bed RIGHT AWAY before somebody called me AGAIN *lol* (praise God then zzzzzz)

    That’s all ..
    Lovee itt!!

  2. Esslythe! Wow… that is a PERFECT DAY in the life of a follower of Jesus! Thank you so much for sharing your journal with us…

    I am moved by your LOVE for God… your hunger is so similar to mine and to the others that I walk in close friendship with here in the USA.

    I pray that this fire you have NEVER goes out… but that it burns even brighter in the days and years to come! God has called you like Queen Esther… for such a time as this one! Your eyes will see things in things in the future too WONDERFUL for words!

  3. Ok, here’s ours and it’s not just one day but a lovely relaxing weekend!

    Joseph and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last Friday by spending the weekend in NYC (the whole thing was a blessing from God since he provided this for us). We had reservations at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square where God had provided us an early check-in as well as getting us there with perfect timing! The check-in line only had one other person in front of us. After our luggage was delivered to our room (which took about 5 minutes or less) we went downstairs to walk around Times Square. As we passed the check-in counter, the line was extremely long! We thanked The Lord for providing us that early check-in.

    Our room overlooked Times Square and I finally go to see where the Ball is as we could see it clearly from our window. What a beautiful view!

    Friday consisted of going to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, then a lovely dinner at a steak house called Del Frisco’s. Afterwards, we walked back to the hotel and got a taxi to take us down to Pier 83 (near the Intrepid Museum) so that we can catch the 7 pm Circle Line Harbor Lights sight-seeing cruise (which was 2 hours). It was beautiful seeing the sun set and the City at night. We tried to take a bus back to the hotel, but they only take the Metro Card or change (no bills), so that was a bust. But lo and behold, God provided for us again by getting us a taxi in a place where cabs don’t usually stop! Isn’t He AWESOME?

    Saturday we went to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum and had pictures taken of us on a make-shift construction beam. It took about 1.5 to 2 hours to walk around the whole museum, but we enjoyed it. Then we just walked around Times Square and stopped at the M&M’s store and picked up a few things for Joey. We also went into the Yankees store and picked up a few more things for Joey. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to rest before catching a buffett dinner at the hotel’s revolving restaurant. Then we headed back to our room to freshen up before heading to the Gershwin Theater to see Wicked (which was great).

    Sunday, we checked out around 11, walked around Times Square some more and had lunch at Bubba Gumps. We got back to the hotel around 2:30 to pick up the car and our luggage. We had such a relaxing weekend that we just didn’t want it to end! We got home around 5:30 (not too bad).

    Chuck, remember how young Coree was? I can’t believe how much he has changed! As we were watching our wedding video, I pointed Coree out to Joey then went to your website to show him what Coree looks like now. Boy did time fly by fast!