Momentum: The Reward 4 Consecutive Successes!

Happy Sunday!

Last night, I had the opportunity to say the opening prayer over a local pro-wrestling event. Since Emily couldn’t make it, Ricky Wade came along for the adventure… and what a TIME we had you guys! This event was first class from beginning to end… packed out venue, not an empty seat left… wrestling perfection, made me feel like I was 16 again!

My 17 year old daughter, Heaven Ashlee Balsamo absolutely obsesses over “little people.” Check out Heavens Facebook, become her friend… she’s a VERY HAPPY PERSON! Heaven watches Little People, Big World (every episode) and goes CRAZY every time we run into a little person. She even told me a few months ago she wants to go on some little person CRUISE she heard about!

I couldn’t get her to come with me to this wrestling event… until I saw SHORT SLEEVE SAMPSON climb up into the ring to promote his late match! I texted Heaven and told her a midget was wrestling… her reply: I’M ON MY WAY!

Stevie Balsley, one of the event promoters… he paused the match right in the middle of all the fan frenzy so that Heaven could get her picture taken with Short Sleeve Sampson as he was entering the ring! Stevie also arranged a photo shoot after the event… one of Heavens top three life experiences FOR SURE! Short sleeve is a profound wrestler and a SUPER person… it was so much fun meeting him and the other wrestlers… a night of good clean SMILES and LAUGHTER! (2 photos posted here… more on my facebook)

The next event is scheduled for November 7 in Waynesboro, VA.

Momentum: The Reward 4 Consecutive Successes

Today should be an EXCITING morning at Destiny Family Center… so bring your beautiful self to Stuarts Draft or catch the LIVE broadcast… if you can! We’re gonna have a SMACK DOWN, BABY! haha, still feeling some left over wrestle mania in my blood. lol

Really, church has been electrifying every service for something like a month now… we’re entering super mode: that place in MOMENTUM where ANYTHING becomes POSSIBLE! Do you understand this concept?

Let me explain! I don’t get to play Xbox-360 very much anymore… have never been obsessed, but always enjoyed the quality times my son and I had playing Xbox from time to time. If you’ve ever played even once, you probably understand the concept of MOMENTUM!

You see… in the world of video games, a person is REWARDED for CONSECUTIVE SUCCESSES! In other words… once you make a certain number of right moves consecutively, your player BURSTS INTO FLAMES with SUPER POWERS… to make SUPER MOVES and do SUPER TRICKS!

So the goal here is: BE CONSISTENT! Do the right things consecutively UNTIL YOU ALSO BURST INTO FLAMES! Then, in your SUPER MODE: use your SUPER POWERS to bust those SUPER MOVES!

If hard times cause a person to make the main thing, the main thing… and if, in hard times a person consecutively does the right thing LONG ENOUGH… eventually he will BURST INTO THE FLAMES OF MOMENTUM!

I feel as if this is right now happening in my own personal life… and for destiny family center… and for the Tribe! And now, we must maximize our super powers to bust our greatest moves YET!

I hope todays blog INSPIRES you to GET FOCUSED, STAY FOCUSED, AVOID DISTRACTIONS, BE CONSISTENT, ACHIEVE MOMENTUM… and then bust the greatest moves of your entire lives! Have a SUPER day everyone!! Love you all!

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