Oops: My Blog Drank 2 Cups of Arabian Mocha Sanani This Morning!!!

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, we celebrated 2000 friends on facebook and another record breaking day on this blog site! Thanks for all the enthusiasm you guys! I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve actually had MEANINGFUL conversations with most of these 2000 friends! When I think about how many of you good people benefit DAILY from these blog messages, it brings me to tears! Life is getting too busy at times to keep up with everyone… but I sure do LOVE trying.

I have always enjoyed MEETING NEW PEOPLE from all over the world! I love reading about “what’s on your mind” and “what you’re doing right now”… call me a creeper if you must, but I love to smile big over your victories… I love to pray when you’re feeling down or sick or frustrated… I love to tell you happy birthday and happy anniversary… and HAPPY DAY! I love reconnecting with old friends and family members I didn’t even know about! I love PEOPLE!

I guess this is one of things I get most excited about when I look into the future. As Destiny Family Center continues this outreach to our region, I will meet and get to know personally, more and more people from my hometown! Really, we have some of the most beautiful people in the world right here in this country place.

Then, once my book is published and our internet church is launched and fully operational… and we build our million member church… and our influential platform is greatly enlarged… I will have the pleasure of meeting diverse peoples from a hundred countries or more!

No, I wont become bff’s with everyone… but I will shake as many hands as I can shake… and I will give out a wink or a hug or a pat on the shoulder or a kind word of inspiration to a million people or more before I die! And every time I open my mouth, some beautiful person will be LIFTED to safety with the HOPE in my heart!

This reminds me of a clip from my coming book… it’s from a few pages in to chapter one. ENJOY!

the desire to inspire
I have an outrageous desire to inspire people! Every single morning I roll over, smack my gorgeous wife a great big kiss on her sexy little snout, and I parachute confidently from our high-rise bed. In the wee hours of each new day I speed into my prayer room with electrifying levels of creativity!

Without a drop of caffeine in my hyped up body, my fingers get shaky at the knuckles every time they charge onto the platform of this handsome aluminum MacBook Pro! As I pour my messages over the pages of my daily blog and into the paragraphs of this book, I see visions of all those restless persons scattered across the earth waiting to be stirred! I feel them grabbing for my ankles from the dark places, and so I hustle vigorously against the revolving wheels of old father time to inspire them all!

Wow you guys… go ahead and ADMIT it: This blog is better than a Starbucks Arabian Mocha Sanani Coffee! (whatever that is, right!) I hope todays blog INSPIRES you to get outside your BOX and become intoxicated with the sheer pleasure of LOVING OTHER HUMANS! Don’t be scared… Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make a Difference ALL DAY LONG!

Hey, if you’re looking for a church this Sunday, Destiny Family Center is UNBELIEVABLE! 10am… come in person or catch the LIVE broadcast! I love you all… we’ll most of you! lol

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2 thoughts on “Oops: My Blog Drank 2 Cups of Arabian Mocha Sanani This Morning!!!

  1. It really makes me longing to have and to read your book more. That kind of passion, that kind of desire, to inspire to love and to just simply connect is what really touched me personally. And one more thing Ps Chuck, it is indeed better than a starbucks, BUT it would be perfect when reading it with those starbucks Arabian Mocha Sanani Coffee! o yeah.. lol. Thanks for the passion and the desire ..

  2. Essly… your excitement for life and ministry is a blessing to people from all over the world! I’ve been praying for you lately, since connecting with you guys on twitter. You have a beautiful family and a heart after God that is so PURE! Really, I cannot wait to see you guys 5 years from today! Thanks for adding so much value to this tribe… we are all so blessed to have you here from Indonesia! I hope your weekend is the BEST EVER!