Oops: My Blog Drank 2 Cups of Arabian Mocha Sanani This Morning!!!

Happy Friday! Yesterday, we celebrated 2000 friends on facebook and another record breaking day on this blog site! Thanks for all the enthusiasm you guys! I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve actually had MEANINGFUL conversations with most of these 2000 friends! When I think about how many of you good people benefit DAILY […]

I Shared the Love & I Liked It!

Happy Thursday! Last night… I shared the LOVE… AND I LIKED IT! HISTORY was made with the VERY successful completion of NIGHT ONE: GO Outreach! Twelve teams of 4-5 people left Destiny Family Center @ 7:15… knocked on about 12 doors each… we brought LOVE AND LIFE to approximately 90 families… WE HAD THE TIME OF […]

What Really Makes You Come Alive? Do That!

Happy Monday! Last week I wrote a few LARGE blogs! So I’m gonna keep it short today! “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman (American theologian, clergyman and activist. 1900-1981) Maybe this is […]

Emergency Financial Advice

Happy Sunday! This morning I opened a facebook message from a pastor in my social network. His request for prayer is the identical request I’ve been getting from Pastors all over America these past many months. For the protection of his identity, lets call my facebook friend, Pastor Smith. The following is a cry from […]

Nothing is Impossible

Happy Saturday! Woke up four hours before I wanted to this morning… had a great time so far, just me and God in the family room talking about things. Praying for all my family and church friends and social network friends… feels so RIGHT to give away the gift of prayer! 10am update: I had […]

The Inspirational Story of Nicholas Sparks!

This will be the longest blog I’ve EVER posted. Since I am personally moving into the agent/publishing phase of my first book… I thought to share this INSPIRATIONAL story about how Nicholas Sparks found his agent and published his first novel, The Notebook! Thank you Jonathan Woodard for sharing this story with me! Since The Notebook, Sparks […]

Shoulder a Cross & Live 4 His Cause!

Happy 09-09-09! Busy day for me yesterday was! Very productive… very encouraging! Worked with Dave Harman on the finishing touches for Destiny Family Center GO Outreach- phase one! Tonight at 7pm, we’re handing out the team leader packages… and we’re training the entire team… gonna break off into groups and do some role playing… it’s […]