Ten of My Favorite Posts: From Nov 08-Mar 09

Happy Monday!

Can you believe there are 299 daily posts on this blog site. That’s enough content for a person to READ all day long if desired… heck, thats a few days worth of inspirational content! So far, our record holder comes out of the United Arab Emirates, the city of Dubai… one guest read more than 100 posts in ONE DAY! Thanks for that epic enthusiasm kind person!

Today: I’m listing 10 of my favorites… (from Nov 08-Mar 09) ENJOY! Try to read them all IF you can!

10. Love a Lonely Person Before Christmas
09. Cinderella Balsamo: Our Newest Potbelly
08. John the Baptist and Political Correctness
07. Father to the Fatherless, Defender of Widows
06. Identity Transformation: A Letter From Jail
05. Nine Equities Life Management System
04. Stories From the Streets of Washington DC
03. Teens led Church Last Night
02. Thank God for Gods Love
01. The Day Out Toilet Almost Ended my Life

Actually… this is the FIRST time I have gone back through the archives since I started blogging in November of last year… and here’s what I discovered: This site is FILLED with transformational content! These ten favorites I’ve listed for you guys today… I only made it through March… and there were 30 others I wanted to include!

SOOOO… The next time you get a few hours to yourself, consider perusing through the archives for some FRESH INSPIRATION on a VARIETY of relevant topics!

If you have a favorite that really stands out about all the others… please let us know today! And hey… have a most outstanding Monday everyone!

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