Just One Ray of Light

Happy Saturday! If you’re a hunter, then you might know what its like to PRAY FOR THE SUN TO RISE. Most hunters walk into the woods long before day break… they want to be in their stands and quiet when the light come on. And if one does not have proper gear… the hour before […]

Diarrhea of the Mouth

Happy Friday! Yesterday was a roller coaster of ups and downs. Worked till noon-writing about 60% of my sunday message for Destiny Family Center. Met with the 700 Club video interview team @ 1pm… did a video reenactment of the 08-18-02 Mark Brooks Salvation. That was a very fun experience, working with Mark & Lori […]

Revisiting the January 11, 2009 Prophecy

Happy Thursday! Check out these two clips from Glenn Beck’s One Thing-Collapsing the System… and let me know what you think. (the original movies were pulled from YouTube: I’ve added a summary video between Glenn Beck and Bill OReilley) httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEhI0RWhkpo Another reason to re-read Tuesdays blog, this time-with far more INTEREST and far more PRAYERFUL […]

A Few Interesting Days in the Life of Chuck!

Happy Wednesday! Made it through my busiest day in pretty long time yesterday. During my extensive travels, I stopped off at my dear friends chocolate factory! Every time I go to the Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company in Lexington, VA… I feel like little CHARLIE at the Willie Wonka chocolate wonderland! Mike and Sarah Mayo make […]

I Accidentally Killed My Daughters Pet Mouse!

Happy Monday! Excellent weekend that was! Friday: Spoke at an unbelievable youth event: Friday Night Fire @ PHWC- Harrisonburg VA! Saturday: Went with Heaven (my daughter) to Washington DC for Senior Day at The Art Institute (a college she’s considering for her culinary education). Had a very fun time (as always) with Emily’s brother Dave. Ate […]

And My Heart Burns…

Happy Sunday! Had a super day with Emily’s brother Dave in Washington DC yesterday! We went with my daughter Heaven to check out a culinary college- The Art Institute… she dreams of owning a Bakery! I’m still feeling an overflow from Friday Night Fire in Harrisonburg this weekend. I woke up LONGING for church this morning! […]

Journal: Friday Night Fire-Day Trip 2 Washington DC

Happy Saturday! Last night’s “Friday Night Fire” @ the Potters House Worship Center was ultra GLORIOUS! Really, it felt like a MOVEMENT… like a REVIVAL! Pastor Dan Garber has done an AMAZING job prepping his people with HUNGER and ANTICIPATION like I have NOT seen anywhere in many years! Really, there is an ATTRACTION to […]


Happy Friday! Yesterday was FUN! Loved interacting with a few new friends from Indonesia… and all the new pastors my blog seems to have TOUCHED these past few days. Thanks for saying thanks through facebook and here on the blogsite. I’m learning SO MUCH from all the conversation you guys and gals are creating this […]

Esslythe From Indonesia Writes…

Happy Thursday! Announcement: I’m speaking @ Potters House Worship Center in Harrisonburg, VA tomorrow night… a youth event-Friday Night Fire, starts @ 9pm… its gonna be FIERY, so come if you can! Tremendous discussion on yesterdays blog… thanks everyone! I normally don’t get that involved in a single discussion, but the topic was so HOT […]