A Few Interesting Days in the Life of Chuck!

Happy Wednesday!

Made it through my busiest day in pretty long time yesterday. During my extensive travels, I stopped off at my dear friends chocolate factory! Every time I go to the Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company in Lexington, VA… I feel like little CHARLIE at the Willie Wonka chocolate wonderland! Mike and Sarah Mayo make the most delicious chocolates I’ve tasted from ANYWHERE in the WORLD. Oh… and their pumpkin fudge (a seasonal delight) was so amazing I couldn’t even DRIVE MY CAR while eating it!

The Cocoa Mill Chocolate Company has a great website… they ship all over the world! So, head over to their web store and SHOP TILL YOU DROP people… TREAT YOURSELF or treat a special friend or TREAT ME to the most delicious chocolates you’ve ever laid your tongues on!

Last night, I attended the Comfort Care Women’s Health annual benefit dinner. The meal was delicious, table fellowship was very enjoyable… speaker: Ambassador Alan Keyes was HIGHLY MOTIVATIONAL! I Had a great time supporting a BEAUTIFUL organization! Emily and I have attended every one of these dinners for something like 18 years… and every year, we walk out awestruck at the PERFECTION modeled in EVERY aspect of their amazing mission! Hats off to Deb Fan and all the staff and volunteers of Comfort Care Women’s Health… what a DIFFERENCE you guys are MAKING!

Today: I’m driving to Richmond to visit my daddy-in-law. He’s been fighting blood cancer and having a difficult few weeks… so Emily and I are going to ENCOURAGE HIS FAITH! Merle is the greatest MAN I’ve ever met. My earnest prayer for my own son from the day of his birth-is that Coree would grow up to be like his grandfather, Merle. I pray this over my own life too-that I would take on so much more of Merle’s amazing personality and CHARACTER… that I would love and serve my family as he has loved and served his family EVERY day I’ve known him! I pray for Merle’s healing and believe for this with him, despite the gloomy odds!

Are you also believing God for some kind of physical or emotional healing! All things are possible to them that BELIEVE! Check out the Joyce Meyer Ministries COMPREHENSIVE List of Healing Scriptures! Read through the entire document OVER AND OVER AND OVER again… until YOU OWN IT! Then, WATCH HOW YOUR SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE CIRCUMSTANCES start to TURN AROUND! And also, don’t forget to leave your prayer requests… because WE PRAY and WE SEE MIRACLES all the time!

Tomorrow: we’re doing a reenactment of the memorable Mark Brooks 08-18-2002 salvation-for The 700 Club… gonna be filmed in the Destiny Family Center sanctuary… should be a blast! Pray for Mark and all the rest of us… that this documentary will honor God in a very big way as it airs around the world. Marks story really is miraculous-I’m happy and honored to be a very small part of his miracle! Please pray also for Mark, that God will finish preparing him for all the doors of opportunity this documentary will open to him. He has a beautiful story to tell… a story the whole world should hear!

There it is everyone… just a few days in the life of Chuck! Check out some of the links I included in todays blog… go ahead and buy some chocolates… learn about HEALING… pray for some sick person… and have a most outstanding day! Remember to Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make a Big Difference with your lives EVERY DAY… EVERY DAY… EVERY DAY! I will see some of you TONIGHT at Destiny Family Center… it all starts at 7pm! (smiling)

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2 thoughts on “A Few Interesting Days in the Life of Chuck!

  1. I thought Ambassador Keyes speech on Monday nite to be very inspiring as well. Your right, CC4W deserves high kudos for the event!

  2. Chuck, great to see you at the banquet. Thanks for your kind words about the ministry. We’ve hit our goal- $80,000! Praise God!