What if Every Person Was a Servant?

Happy Tuesday!

Congrats to Drew & Liz on having baby Oakley Grace yesterday!

Had the one of the busiest Monday of my life yesterday: Emily started her new job… so I pitched in to get the house back in order after one of the busiest weekends EVER, while Emily went out to bring home the bacon! Monday’s are my usual day off… so I planned to get my HOUSEWORK done and then write until Emily got home, then maybe go to Richmond to see her dad.

Got a text from our DEAR friends Pastor Chris & Sarah Whetzel: they were passing through town… so I enticed them to meet at the church and then go have lunch with Heaven (my daughter) and I before I took Heaven to a 1:30 doctors appointment. We had a BLAST… I LOVE THOSE TWO! If you’re ever in the Moorefield West Virginia area… the church is Believers Victory Center- AMAZING church!

After the doctors appointment, decided to go serve some of the people who are ALWAYS serving my family. They had to clean the gigantic resort house we used this weekend for housing some of the Re-Up folks. Came out of that experience with a NEW APPRECIATION for house keepers and servant of all sorts!

Five and a half hours later: remembered we were supposed to make desert for the Assemblies of God sectional lunch our church is HOSTING TODAY. Had to stop by Food Lion… neither of us had our shoes on… Emily went in bare footed, bought the ingredients… forgot the ice cream, creating the need for ANOTHER trip… EMILY! (grrrr)

Went to bed at something like 12:30am… the norm these past few weeks. Got up @ 5am and spent almost three hours trying JUST SIFTING though something like 40 text messages, 284 emails, 14 voicemails, 35 new facebook messages and wall posts, ETCETERA… ALL RECEIVED yesterday afternoon and evening.

One of the messages was a request to minister at a funeral tonight. I hope to be a great blessing to this family! I pray for God to COMFORT them all… and that I will be able to lead a few of them to JESUS.

If it sounds as if I’m complaining here… please know this: It’s never a bother for me to SERVE people… as long as I can get it all done. Because of my position, I’m very aware of that VAST SEA of hurting people all over our world… and I want to help MORE of them! I would rather SERVE and HELP and GIVE, than to sit on my couch waiting for my wife to bring me a snack! My big desire concerning this topic is that FAR MORE PEOPLE would get in the game.

I guess what I’m getting at today is this… there is PLENTY TO DO for all the people who WANT TO GET UP EVERYDAY and MAKE A MUCH BIGGER DIFFERENCE with their lives. SERVING is one of the greatest privileges of mankind. And in todays world, it seems to me that most humans run away from the REAL JOBS.

So often I hear people use the following phrase when talking about getting involved at church: “I don’t need a position with big honor… I don’t care if I have to clean the toilets… just give me something to do!” That sounds so perfect… and it would be great if people really meant it. Because from observation, I have seen just the opposite acted out. Todays population fights for the EASIEST jobs… or they sit on a couch in the middle of a MESSY ROOM waiting for someone to give them an assignment.

Twenty working people can SAVE THE LIFE of one OVERWORKED person. What IF EVERY HUMAN was a SERVANT! Can you FATHOM a world like this… where EVERY HUMAN was productive and helpful? Oh God, what a DREAM!

My suggestion for all the bored people out there today is this: find an OVERWORKED person and start picking something up. Don’t create more work by asking for an elaborate job description… just find something you’re already good at and do that PERFECTLY! Be faithful and loyal… so that once you have the task, it is NEVER left undone… never left half done… never, never, never… not under any circumstances.

Fellow world changer: Let’s not go after the EASY jobs… let’s search for the MOST NECESSARY ones… and DO THEM with exceeding EXCELLENCE! And if more and more of us work TOGETHER… we will be able to DREAM BIGGER, LIVE BOLDER, and MAKE A MUCH BIGGER DIFFERENCE in our world!

Unfortunately, I’m not going to have the time to “normalize” this blog entry. I’m not going to be able to smooth out its very obvious ROUGH EDGES… so be easy on me today. It’s a raw work, I know that.

I pray for you all to have more than enough time, to easily and comfortably carry out EVERYTHING in your schedules this day! Meditate on the burden I’ve presented here:

  1. If you’re overworked, consider how you might be able to more effectively invite others onto your team. Become a master team builder… a master of delegation!
  2. If you have nothing to do… PRAY and SEARCH for the MOST NECESSARY tasks and get started TODAY! Be a BURDEN LIFTER… enjoy the personal satisfaction of KNOWING you are IN THE GAME and helping the team to move the ball up the field!

Love you all… especially thanking God for the WORKHORSES in my life this morning! You know who you are… I’m praying for RELIEF, so hold on… it’s on its way! (smile)

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3 thoughts on “What if Every Person Was a Servant?

  1. Another great blog! When Jeremy and I were doing young adults at DFC one evening Jeremy asked me to prepare a message. I remember it so clear! The first thing that God spoke to me was that he wanted the young adults to find the heart of a servant again! I believe that one of my giftings is the heart of a servant. This has got to be one of my favorite gifts! I think that my generation is so caught up in the “What about me? Syndrome,” that we have lost our servants heart! This is a great passion of mine.

    I believe that you are completely right Pastor! One of the most important things is that every Christian becomes like the greatest servant of all time! JESUS!! If we say we want to be like Him, then why do we not all serve a little bit more! I am not just talking about everyone else, this includes me too. I try daily no matter how busy I am to see where I can do just a little bit more to serve. Every time I hear someone say if I could just do a little bit more, I try to remind them there are people everywhere that just need a little help. Maybe just opening a door when you see someone coming, offer to make copies for someone, or run an errand. These things may not seem like much to you, but if it saves a couple seconds or minutes of time for an overworked person, to them it is the greatest thing in the world!

    Thanks for such great thoughts today Pastor!!! I hope I haven’t offended anyone. 🙂

  2. Chuck,

    Great being at your church today. Thanks for going through all that, two extra trips and all, to get the dessert together, it was great.

    I love what you have to say about service. It is one of my most passionate topics. In fact most of my sermons end up having the threads of service, unity, and evangelism woven through them because God has impressed on my the importance of these things. I worry that someday I might burn out, and there are times where I’ve really hit the wall hard but I remember that for those who serve the Lord, He will renew their strength so I trust Him to give me the energy to keep going and/or others to come along side me.