I Accidentally Killed My Daughters Pet Mouse!

Happy Monday!

Excellent weekend that was!

  • Friday: Spoke at an unbelievable youth event: Friday Night FirePHWC- Harrisonburg VA!
  • Saturday: Went with Heaven (my daughter) to Washington DC for Senior Day at The Art Institute (a college she’s considering for her culinary education). Had a very fun time (as always) with Emily’s brother Dave. Ate the BEST Cheeseburger of my LIFE @ Ray’s Hell-Burger!
  • Sunday: Had another epic church service at Destiny Family Center… preached from the message series: You’re Better Than That! part 4: Dry it Up! Aaron Huffer led worship after a week with the Swine Flue… it was BEAUTIFUL! Then after church: went to a 1:30pm lunch fellowship at Betty Dorondo’s house (FUN & TASTY), then a 2:30pm bday party at Dorothy Langenstine’s house… then, our DFC Lead Team surprised Emily and I with dinner at the MELTING POT and a stroll around the Charlottesville Downtown Mall! We felt SO LOVED and APPRECIATED!

Oh… and then LAST NIGHT: dun dun-dun-dunnnnnn! Heaven ripped open my bedroom door @ something like 12am… VERY UPSET!

You see, yesterday I decided to put her two pet mice OUTSIDE because she needed to clean the cage and they smelled awful… and really, the little gals needed some FRESH AIR!

Well, I FORGOT to bring Kiddy & Puppy Balsamo back inside… and once the sun dropped, the cold apparently killed one of Heaven’s beloved RODENTS!

I tried convincing Heaven that it was probably just old age… and last night was Kiddy’s (similar to photo above) appointed time to go be with Jesus. She didnt buy that suggestion and I’m not sure if she’s going to talk to me for a while. I did however, bring her other mouse back from the dead… with a blow drier!

Here’s how the rescue went down: when I arrived at Heavens bedroom at approximately 12:03am, Puppy was STIFF and barely breathing! No-one can IMAGE THE PRESSURE I felt knowing that IF both mice died, I would end up having to buy Heaven some new exotic creature… like maybe the EMU she’s been hinting about! (photo below)

THANK GOD… he HEARD MY PRAYERS (really, I way praying like crazy!) And after about 15 minutes of warmth, Puppy Balsamo opened her eyes and started walking around the cage… and Heaven smiled for the first time in what felt like an ETERNITY! It’s the MIRACLE I needed to salvage whatever was left of my daughter and I’s relationship! lol

Heavens last words to me: thanks Dad, for saving Puppy’s life (I felt a brief moment of HOPE)… even though you killed Kiddy (I left the room feeling like the ultimate CREEP of all time).

So, guess what I’m doing today! First, I’m heading over to Pet’s-N-Pals this afternoon to spend another ONE DOLLAR, buying Puppy a new friend! God, help my SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD daughter to forgive her DADDY for accidentally killing one of her PET mice! Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys… Heaven insists upon giving Kiddy a proper BURIEL this afternoon! SO, a celebration of kiddy Balsamo’s SHORT mouse life will begin at the Balsamo Pet Cemetery @ 3:45pm (after heaven gets home from school)! Grrrrr! lol

Ok… thats all for today! We have a FUNERAL to go prepare for! Hope you enjoyed the laugh… I’ll write something spiritual tomorrow! Have a super Monday everyone!

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16 thoughts on “I Accidentally Killed My Daughters Pet Mouse!

  1. We just welcomed 2 gerbils into our family. I will remember not to put them out when we are cleaning the cage! LOL The girls bought them yesterday with their own money. Isabel named her black and white one Sparkles and Lani named hers Cinderella. They are sooo excited that they have purchased their first pets by themselves. Anyway sorry the little mouse died. I will say a prayer at 3:45 for the little one as you lay it to rest. 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  2. I just brought home a bird from my moms it is some kind of love parrot. Of course jason said he was going to let it fly away because last night when I brought it home it was chripping like crazy. After he realized that all you have to do is cover the cage and she will calm down and be quiet he was okey with the bird. Sunshine (the dog) on the other hand is going crazy and wants the bird I think to eat it. Sorry to hear about kiddy. Alway need a proper burial that is only fair.

  3. (This is Emily!! I am logged in as Chuck!! ) You see this is not the first pet Chuck has sent to a early grave!! We too use to have 2 birds! I went to the hospital , I called Chuck after a few days and asked him how my birds were doing!!! He said great after a long pause . That was my first clue , so I asked him if he had been feeding them, his answer was, I didnt know they had to eat!!!!! He then broke and said one of them may be “sick” !!! On my return home there was only 1 love bird left!! The worse part is I had to go back to the hospital and he killed the other one!! (It is so important to feed your loved ones!!! ) LOL Then we had a dog Alfie who Chuck didnt care for! It was a true hate hate relationship !!! Well Alfie was not allowed outside by his self !!! He had a love to chase cars!!! Well again Chuck struck!!!! I had some kind lady crying at my door telling me she had just run over our sweet puppy!!! So we have quite a few loved ones in the back yard!!! LOL

  4. Please give Heaven my sympathy. I’m probably one of a few (a one?) who didn’t feel entertained by the story of Kiddy, but rather sad. Heaven was derelict in not keeping the cage clean…not properly caring for something over which she had the power of life and death. You acted out of self-defense in putting the cage out.

    Who was innocent here? Kiddy. Who suffered? Kiddy. Why?

    Okay, the world will not move on its axis over the loss. But this is a teachable moment, as they say. I won’t lose any sleep either, but just couldn’t get merry over Kiddy’s loss.

  5. I hate to say that I am with Vickie on this one. My kids would loose it if they lost any of their pets. Although we still love you Pastor. 🙂

  6. Ew… mice…

    Sorry but I have no love in my heart at all for mice. Long story there. So I share no sadness over the idea of a dead mouse. Still, they were Heaven’s pets, so I am sad for you and her.

    Oh, the many lessons that can be learned from owning pets… I had three goldfish once… and then two… and then one…. I also had a cat, and he was suspect the entire time the fish were disappearing, though we never saw him around the fish tank…

    Turns out, these little fish were quite the “flippers”! We finally found the two that had died, of their own volition, behind the hutch where their tank resided! They had flipped so hard, they had flipped themselves right out of the tank! So they died, in their haste to be “wild and free.”

    And I misjudged my cat, the whole time.

    The names of my goldfish? Peter, James and John. The one that survived? John. I always found it funny that John was the one that remained (kinda reminded me of a scripture).


    And yes, my mom and dad did just as you, and replaced the misfortunate goldfish with two others, that we promptly named “Paul” and “Silas”. And then we placed a screen on top of the tank, so that if Paul and Silas had any thoughts of going on any “journeys” they wouldn’t be able to. :0)

    May you have great success at finding Puppy a new playmate! Hope Heaven can recover from her loss.

  7. We prayed over Rachels hamster, Mr. Jangles,after our cat got him. He layed still in the cage for two days and he was then resurected! He did die a year later though. I’ts heartbreaking when your child loses a pet because you feel so helpless when they’re that sad and there is really nothing you can do.
    You can really tell your a father of teenagers Chuck, using the word epic lol.

    • Ok everyone… I only have a few minutes to write… running late for a FAMILY funeral.

      Just wanted to clear up some confusion Emily brought about with her partial comment. Alfie was a demon Chihuahua! He was possessed from the day he came to live with us: like this one time… I was laying down watching TV and he walked up, sniffed my face, licked my nose, walked a little further, and LIFTED HIS LEG ON MY FACE! Another time… he Chewed my favorite Bible!

      That dog hated me and tormented me… and no Emily, I did not have a favorable opinion of that monster! I was very sad for you the day Alfie left us… But I have to say that I warned him this would happen… HONESTLY I DID. I remember grabbing him with both hands one day and LOOKING HIM STRAIGHT in the eyes and telling him that his days were numbered if he did not repent for his devilish ways!

      Ezekiel 3:18-19 If I warn the wicked, saying, ‘You are under the penalty of death,’ but you fail to deliver the warning, they will die in their sins. And I will hold you responsible for their deaths. 19 If you warn them and they refuse to repent and keep on sinning, they will die in their sins. But you will have saved yourself because you obeyed me.

      See what I’m saying here? Alfie was a rebellious animal who shortened his own life, though I did everything I could to love the hateful creature. He rejected my love and hardened his heart… and so he is no more. God have mercy on his departed soul. (smiling)

  8. OK…I am reading this today as I missed it yesterday and can hardly contain my laughter from bellowing all through the office! Although I am sad that Heaven is sad…the story and replies are just too funny!!! Thanks for making my day today.

    If it makes you feel any better Pastor Chuck…I have a miniature long-haired brown dachshund and my son-in-law calls her a “weasel” and makes rude comments about her all the time on FB and to her face. She has really developed this undying LOVE for him and can’t wait for his affection. I just stand back and LAUGH! She has NEVER done anything bad to him, other than she can lick you till your skin falls off and loves to be snuggled and kissed….LOL! Just thought I would share that 🙂

  9. Oh Chuck – so sorry to read about the misfortunate event! However, I think it would bring even more entertainment if you had an emu to blog about!! Blessings – thanks for all you do (the light; as well as, the heavy, thought provoking blogs) Andrea

  10. I'm sorry but taking ur daughters mice outside in the first-place is just NEGLIGENT if you ask me, not to mention just plain lazy – I LOVE the pet mice i have with all the world, how would you feel if some one did that to your DOG? LoL i know its just a rodent but some people have deep connections with any and all animals regardless of shape or size or lifespan, not sure if you raised your daughter that way but, But it would sort of follow me around all my life if my parents were to do something that negligent – I mean it wouldn't be the biggest deal but i would sort of question their behavior and watch them closer than i usually would [especially as they get older] ; For one, ANY small animal (even yorkshire terrier dogs and some children!) SHOULD NEVER be left unattended outside, MICE especially (since they are not only thermally sensitive but also open prey to a lot of different animals such as insects/spiders/BIRDS [ which is why i said children too, there are videos of HAWKS taking on and -killing- DEER on youtube… why wouldn't large AND small birds not attack mice?]/cats/etc.

    bottom line ; don't be so negligent with your kid's pets ; maybe it wouldn't smell so bad if you guys cleaned it more often :Shrug: – just saying, I own mice (2) and they NEVER smell becuase they are cleaned at LEAST every day or two ; try having your daughter clean the mice more often and telling her they wouldn't be so rank if you guys took more initiative in your activity's ; it's not fair to the mice either and it certainly doesn't set a good example for the child. If you or your daughter can't even clean the mice enough for the 1-2 years they are alive, what are you doing having pet mice???? I mean basic studying into the creatures would suggest they need active cleaning, new water and a clean enviroment ; I'll tell you one thing: MICE ARE SOME OF NATURES CLEANEST ANIMALS – If they smell when you take care of them its YOUR fault, not theirs and means you need to clean them more often, if you ACTUALLY watch your mice you will see that they are constantly cleaning and grooming themselves – please respect and take care of your animals instead of just being wreckless with them – don't try saying "oh but i was taking care of them.. blah blah" – dude, they were OUTSIDE [shouldn't have been out there in the first place, thats -wreckless- period.) – Also ; i mean NO disrespect at all with this message ; so plz don't take it the wrong way . =) anywho, watch over ur pets more and have a good one.

  11. Well, I, to be honest wouldn’t say it is funny, I myself have lost a dear pet, whom was a Chinese dwarf hamster.
    Though I don’t know for sure if he is dead or alive, I can’t help but feel regret for whatever I had done at the time.
    Now, I have two more dwarf hamsters, but this time Robo’s, if I had been stupid enough to leave them out in the garden, then they wouldn’t last a chance (seagulls, foxes, cats, etc live in our lawn.) No disrespect or anything towards you, but do try and tell your daughter about cleaning the cage.
    The Chinese hamster is somewhere in the house, and my parents have seen him behind the sink, but that was over two months ago, and now there is no sign. Good luck for your mouse, Puppy…. and R.I.P Kiddy.