Journal: Friday Night Fire-Day Trip 2 Washington DC

Happy Saturday!

Last night’s “Friday Night Fire” @ the Potters House Worship Center was ultra GLORIOUS! Really, it felt like a MOVEMENT… like a REVIVAL! Pastor Dan Garber has done an AMAZING job prepping his people with HUNGER and ANTICIPATION like I have NOT seen anywhere in many years! Really, there is an ATTRACTION to that place… a divine attraction!

Thanks Ryan Huffer… and the drama team who helped me now for the second time-to pull off that illustrated message! You guys and gals were SUCH a blessing to PHWC last night! It was a BLAST working with you all… seeing God take our best and turn it into SUBSTANCE! There is such a MESSAGE for THIS generation in Dameon’s story… I know some of those young people will NEVER forget the warning AND calling we presented last night! I pray that somehow, God will use what we did to FAN their FLAMES for some time to come!

Today… I’m not able to write my normal blog message. After getting home last night at something like 1:00am, I am now leaving for Washington DC at 6:15am. Our daughter Heaven is considering a culinary college in Washington! The bonus: we get to spend the day with Emily’s brother Dave… LOVE THAT GUY!

Please, if you havent had a chance… go back and read through some of the blog posts from this past week. We broke records all week long! Oh, and just so you’ll know… we’re something like 20 days away from celebrating 365 days of DAILY blogging!

What should we do to CELEBRATE? Any ideas??

Ok, have a most outstanding Saturday and don’t forget CHURCH tomorrow. If you’re local: Destiny Family Center is EPIC! Catch the service LIVE on the webcast if you’re not able to bring your beautiful self to 36 Rose Ave.!

Don’t forget to leave your IDEAS about the 365 celebration! Love you all!

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5 thoughts on “Journal: Friday Night Fire-Day Trip 2 Washington DC

  1. My friend I do not know where you live but please keep up the Great work in the Lord . YOu have no idea how much your blogs have helped me out these past few days with a friend . Dear friend let me leave you with a bit of insperation . On Monday morning I saw 3 colledge students standing out front of one of my dorms I work at . I thought nothing about it till I saw them with thier heads bowed in Prayer . I looked down on the ground and I saw a Bible opened up Do you know how much joy that brought to my heart . I work in a Fraturnity Sorority area full of beer cans and other things but when I saw this this brought back something I thought was lost HOPE AND CHRISTIANITY TO COLLEDGES . So please keep up the great work you do make a differeance .

    God Bless you all

    William Weeks

  2. I watched the Friday Night Fire on the internet last night. Wow! I was so stirred up and moved I had a difficult time getting to sleep! The service was powerful & anointed!

  3. William, Your story is an inspiration to us too! I am a member of Pastor Chuck’s church and also his friend and He truly is all that you read on these blogs and MORE!

    He allows God to flow through him in such a way it overflows to those around him!

    We are located in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia, Stuarts Draft. If you are ever anywhere close enough please stop by an visit and make sure you let us know who your are. Chuck would be thrilled to meet you in person.

    Thanks so much for posting and sharing your story.

    God Bless you and all you do there. You DO MAKE a DIFFERENCE where you are too!