Drinking Down the Cup of Anarchy!

Yesterday, we hosted a Pastors Lunch at Destiny Family Center… and thanks to a beautiful team of helpers, we seemed to bless these Pastors in a pretty big way! I learned so many things at that lunch… listening to some of the Pastors as they told us their stories. One Pastor told how he had […]

What if Every Person Was a Servant?

Happy Tuesday! Congrats to Drew & Liz on having baby Oakley Grace yesterday! Had the one of the busiest Monday of my life yesterday: Emily started her new job… so I pitched in to get the house back in order after one of the busiest weekends EVER, while Emily went out to bring home the […]

Life is Good These Days

Happy Monday! What a weekend that was! Something like 30 people started following Jesus for the very first time… PASSION WAS AWAKENED for a multitude of others-young and old, people will never be the same again! So many people sacrificed and united to do something great for this community. Between Re-Up 09 and Sunday morning […]

Re-Up 09 Continues Live @ 6pm Tonight!

Happy Sunday! Re-Up 09… that is the hot topic of the HOUR! Last night was B-E-A-UTIFUL! I found myself WISHING like a million times… EVERY youth person in this area was in that building last night! I must have texted something like 15 people during the event with the following message: Dude, this Re-Up event […]

Let’s Hang Out This Weekend.. Really!

Happy Saturday! Do you know what TONIGHT is? Come’on, you must know by now! Tonight is… bddadoop-badoop-badoop: the start of Re-Up 09!! We’re LIVE WEBCASTING the entire event: REALLY GOOD NEWS for all our blog pals around the world! Tonight’s event will open AROUND 7pm EST… tomorrow night opens pronto @ 6:30pm EST. Check out […]

May No Person Suffer Alone!

Happy Friday! Last night at prayer meeting… I ended up REALLY opening my HEART to the prayer team. They prayed over me concerning semi-recent challenges and they really touched a few of the bruised places way deep in my heart. That’s not the sort of thing anyone should attempt in a circle of STRANGERS. I […]

Something Beautiful Happens Every Time I Pray!

Happy Thursday! Praying for DRY weather this Saturday and Sunday… so that nothing slows the anticipated stream of young people to the Waynesboro Park Amphitheater… for Re-Up 09! The wild thing is THIS: as of yesterday, weather man was calling for rain all weekend… and I told a group of people last night that I […]

He Asked Me 2 Ask Him 4 His Heart!

Happy Wednesday! Finally heard from the mother ship (God) about my Re-Up 09 message for this coming Sunday night! I’d say I’m only about 30% finished with the outline so far… and its already made my eyes water something like FIFTEEN TIMES! Powerful stuff you guys! Mix this message together with all the bands and […]

Push Through the Wall & Race to The Finish!

(photo: Emily Balsamo at the Richmond Marathon) Happy Tuesday! Re-Up 09: this coming Saturday and Sunday nights! Check out my Re-Up Blog for more info and PLAN TO GATHER at the Waynesboro Park¬†Amphitheater for this epic regional youth event! Today is blog post number 334… we’re only 31 days away from celebrating one full year […]

Surrogates: The Preciousness of Human Interaction!

Happy Monday! I’m blogging late today… had to give a little extra lovin to Lucy Balsamo (the new pup of our fam). She had an early doctors appointment… getting FIXED today! We use this term in America to describe the tying of the tubes… you know, the surgery where girl dogs can’t get pregnant anymore? […]