Push Through the Wall & Race to The Finish!

(photo: Emily Balsamo at the Richmond Marathon)

Happy Tuesday!

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Today is blog post number 334… we’re only 31 days away from celebrating one full year of DAILY blogging! Why am I bringing up this random thought?? Because I’m suffering… and I mean SUFFERING… from WRITERS BLOCK this morning and I needed to say a few blah blah things to get my creativity started up!

Still nothing, I’m BLANK… WHO am I, HOW did I get here, WHAT am I doing with this computer on my lap! Somebody HELP me!

This is so much how Emily and I felt around mile 17 at the Outer Banks Marathon! Like, “Oh GOD, we still have NINE miles to go and we’re already SPENT!”

Ask any runner about preparing for the 26.2-mile grind of a marathon, and sooner or later you’ll hear about THE WALL.

The WALL is a legendary thing. Usually encountered around mile 20, it’s the point where the flesh weakens, the spirit sags and the will drains away into a little puddle on the ground. Legs turn to melting Jell-O and breath comes in short, gasping gulps. In all of sports, there is probably nothing as feared, or misunderstood, as this inner barrier where the unprepared run out of steam and can go no further.

People face WALLS in many areas of LIFE.

  • Marriage: Staying faithful to one person for life… resisting the temptation to divorce during times of numbness.
  • Education: Making it to a graduation and a degree… resisting the temptation to settle lower than originally aimed.
  • Career: Handling the pressures of working with impossible people… resisting the temptation to bail in times of conflict, or neglect, or injustice… or initial failure.
  • Church: Being able to stay where God plants us… resisting the temptation to church HOP because of “problems” we’ve recognized.
  • Spiritual: Sometimes, we even face WALLS in our relationship with God…  and we must resist the temptation of dropping out of the race… the temptation of going back to that old miserable way of life we once longed to be delivered from.

The message behind the MARATHON WALL is this: Just when you think you can’t go any farther… YOU MOST CERTAINLY CAN!

The key to blasting through a WALL is to KEEP moving forward! Whatever you do… DON’T QUIT HERE! You’ve come way too far to drop out now. Don’t ever stop moving forward in life… don’t ever quit on a good mission!

Todays blog is a message about ENDURANCE! It’s an admonition to remain faithful in the LONG races of life! While so many others drop out over every little taste of complication… you CAN become one of the FEW people in your world to FINISH THE RACES YOU START!

Recent statistics show that ONLY ONE PERCENT (1%) of the worlds population ever FINISH a marathon! Consider this the next time you feel like a failure just because your TIRED at MILE SEVENTEEN. Marathons are not supposed to be easy. If they were… everybody would be doing them.

Most marathons have a reasonable time limit for completion, leaving PLENTY of time to PUSH THROUGH THE WALL and RACE TO THE FINISH! Even though performance may lag for a FEW MILES, successful finishes are the BLESSED REWARD of the faithful! I have found this also to be true in LIFE… It’s never too late to GET ON WITH A RACE!

This is what the Bible means when it says, “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we DON’T GIVE UP!”

So today, I have written another blog… and a pretty good one at that! How, you may ask? Because I pushed through the unprecedented fatigue of this day to finish another mile of my race! Thank God for his racing grace! (smile)

I hope this message gives ENDURANCE to all my friends! I just finished praying for you all… feel the difference, leave your amazing comments, and have a GREAT DAY!

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4 thoughts on “Push Through the Wall & Race to The Finish!

  1. OK this is emily not Chuck!!! LOL The crazy part of the marathon thing is this….. One of the TOP goals set by people is to RUN A MARATHON, yet only 1% ever finish one!!!!! Crazy thought!!! Have a great day!!!!!

  2. So Emily what I am getting from your thought only 1% finish is that we must stay the course if we want to run and finish the race in becoming purified in Christ. The wordly odds are against us, but if we remain in Him we can finish the race. One day we will be with the Father and will reign with Him. We must not focus on the here and now and the problems, but asking God to help us each day to become perfect in Him. We must die to self daily and keep digging deeper in God. Thanks for that reminder.