Revisiting the January 11, 2009 Prophecy

Happy Thursday!

Check out these two clips from Glenn Beck’s One Thing-Collapsing the System… and let me know what you think. (the original movies were pulled from YouTube: I’ve added a summary video between Glenn Beck and Bill OReilley)


Another reason to re-read Tuesdays blog, this time-with far more INTEREST and far more PRAYERFUL PARTICIPATION: Independence From The Oppressive Control of an Intolerant Old Fashioned God?

Another reason to re-read my January 11, 2009 prophecy… and realize the great need for REFORM and REVIVAL in the American Christian Church-the need for American Christians to BRING THE REAL LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST (NOW) to our very troubled nation. We need GOD in America AGAIN…

No matter what you believe about the US economy, or the war on terror, or the nuclear threat of Iran, or the new Presidential administration, or the resolve of the American people… we’ve really screwed things up and we really do need God’s help.

So, lets be inspired through this blog… to live right and pray hard! Lets be inspired to free ourselves from the boredom of ordinary living… and let us rise up now to confront the giants before us these days! Let us be wise and diligent… let us work hard and sacrifice BIG for our YOUNG!

We’re in a mess, there’s no denying that. With God’s help perhaps there is still enough time to turn this ship around!

I just finished praying for you all… I hope you feel the difference ALL DAY LONG! You are the salt of the earth, a city set up on a hill for all the world to see… so DREAM BIG, SHINE BRIGHT, LIVE BOLD, and MAKE A GREAT DIFFERENCE with your life today!

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