The Tyson Woody Story: P2-Our Need to be Inspired!

Happy Monday! Yesterdays blog: The Tyson Woody Story: When The Mountain Does Not Move – it’s the most read Sunday blog of all time! On a SUNDAY, historically the slowest day of our week-we hosted 354 unique visitors and 1097 page views (an average of 3 pages per guest)… wow. Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone! Make sure […]

7 Days 2 a Spiritual Awakening!

Happy Saturday! Wow you guys… I believe to be having some kind of Spiritual awakening this week. From my recollection, here’s a time progression for whatever this is… Last Saturday morning… when I walked into my newly renovated office… something about that renovation brought about a tremendous degree of peace in my heart… it unleashed […]

Run Like the Wind!

Happy Friday! Woke up this morning at 2:30am. Emily had to be at work early for the black friday shopping frenzy. So, instead of going back to sleep, I decided to stay up so I will be ready to nap with her this afternoon. I’m bringing a surprise breakfast for her 8am lunch. (good boy […]

10,000 Blessings Staring Back @ Me!

Happy Thanksgiving! Last night… we drove to Richmond, spent the evening @ the residence of Jeff & Ann Wall (Emily’s punk brother-lol). They are gracious hosts-always… the food was delicious… the laughs were painfully enjoyable (many times at my expense)… loved the quality time with Emily’s great family! This morning… Emily dragged me into the […]

Has Religious America Finally Awakened?

Happy Wednesday! Last night, Bill O’Reilly reported on a very interesting topic: Has Religious America Finally Awakened? Here’s the talk… By Bill O’Reilly As we reported Monday, some high-profile religious leaders have issued a manifesto urging people of faith to fight back against liberal social policy and rampant secularism. The document is entitled “The Manhattan […]

What is a CooknChill Date?

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was ALL ABOUT FOOD! Had lunch with my bff (lol-personal joke) Jimmy Floyd… the very first time we ever shared a meal together without the families. And if you know anything about Jimmy, you can image how much JOY those two hours brought into my life! We ate at T-bone Jacks… both ordered a […]

It’s Ok 2 Believe: You Are Beautiful!

Happy Monday! Church was super yesterday. I did however, find myself saying several very controversial things… and no matter how much I tried to normalize my verbiage, everything just kept flowing out raw. I was more nervous about offending people yesterday than I normally am. Bizarre. Everyone said the service was epic and I hope […]

Opps I Forgot to Share!

Happy Sunday! Good morning everyone… I’m working in my newly renovated office again today, still feeling quite invigorated! I’m tingly with anticipation for todays 10am church service at Destiny Family Center! Wow, I cant remember feeling this much excitement about a church service in a very long time. Each week, I’m falling more and more […]

Regular, Orderly, Violent, and Original

Happy Saturday! We were out of town a few days this week… returned home to a remolded office! Joyce, Deborah, Jason, Tammy, Dave, Kristin, Bo, and Greg… thank you for this over the top expression of love! I feel so much more creative this morning! Even though organization is not my greatest skill, I function best […]