7 Days 2 a Spiritual Awakening!

Happy Saturday!

Wow you guys… I believe to be having some kind of Spiritual awakening this week. From my recollection, here’s a time progression for whatever this is…

  1. Last Saturday morning… when I walked into my newly renovated office… something about that renovation brought about a tremendous degree of peace in my heart… it unleashed a great new wave of creativity. I described this variable in that Saturday mornings blog: Regular, Orderly, Violent, and Original
  2. Last Saturday night… while preparing for the Sunday message: Have You Been Defeated Long Enough, Yet? Out of nowhere, I noticed a tidal wave of joy rising in my heart almost like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It was so overwhelming, I felt as if I needed to go outside and run up and down Old White Hill Road shouting for joy all over this peaceful neighborhood!
  3. Sunday morning… the service was so-so. We were lacking an electric guitarist and that was a real downer… still, the worship encounter seemed to be fair. I preached one of my sloppiest messages in a very long time. The entire service felt to be sloppy from beginning to end. But something seemed to be happening in our sanctuary despite the glitches. God was felt in a very big way… and since thats the goal, we counted that service as a great victory-everyone left DFC with some of what I had been experiencing over the previous 24 hours!
  4. Monday morning… while I was writing the blog: It’s Ok to Believe-You Are Beautiful… its like something broke off of my life in the wee hours of that morning, like a cage door kicked wide open… and I flew out from the confines of a tiny prison cell. With reckless abandonment, I spread wide my rambunctious wings… and I have been high flying all week long!
  5. Thursday morning… I was overwhelmed with the joy of all my blessings. And I wrote about that in my blog: 10,000 Blessings Staring Back @ Me!
  6. Yesterday morning… while writing the blog: Run Like The Wind… it happened again. Another wave rushed over me… and another one… several times throughout the day.
  7. And here I sit… listening to the you tube video I’m including for you guys below… anticipating tomorrows 10am gathering at Destiny Family Center!

If you have the time today… re-read the four short messages I’ve linked to this blog. Play the video over and over… dedicate yourself to God in a new kind of way. The video may flip some of your guys out… it was recorded in the Lakeland revival sometime last year… and it’s VERY intense. Sometimes “very intense” is exactly what we need, isn’t it?


Please pray for my very dear friend Betty Dorondo: she lost her mom on Thanksgiving Day. Also for Jeremy and Summer Woody as they bid “farewell for now” to their son Tyson this evening @ Ridgeview Baptist Church. Tyson was only two years old. These are the times when God PICKS US up… he carries us when we cannot walk another step without him. I pray for Gods grace… for his peace… and for the HOPE of ETERNITY to be in the air today!

Have a most triumphant day everyone! See some of you tomorrow morning in person or on the LIVE webcast! God bless you all!

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