Journal 11.14.9

Happy Saturday!

I spent nearly two hours writing todays blog from my iPhone only to have it vanish while uploading! (grrrrrr) Now I’m out of time… lets see if I can re-muster the inspiration! lol

Thanks for all the enthusiasm you guys demonstrated over yesterdays 365 milestone! I love blogging because I sincerely CARE about you good people! We really are becoming so much like a family here at The interaction we have with each other makes us all better for it! I really feel like were gaining gigantic momentum towards the dream of building tomorrows better world!

Synergy: the combination of two substances that when mixed together… they have a multiplied far greater effect then the sum total of each individual substance!

This tribe causes its members to travel farther FASTER… something for each of us to cherish!

This morning, Im in Richmond Va with my lovely wife Emily Balsamo! As mentioned in yesterdays blog… She’s running the Richmond marathon… And now it looks like Im going to run it with her. Yes, you are reading this blog correctly! But don’t worry, because were doing the half marathon today! ONLY 13.1 miles in possibly the worse shape of my last decade! Really, Emily’s in good enough shape for both of us! lol Dear God, what have I gotten myself into?

Im already so excited about tomorrows service at destiny family center! The worship is going to be perfect! The message is going to blow people away! There’s going to be special music, and special stories, and a pile of fun and love! I do hope to see you there at 10am or live on the webcast… that is of course, if you don’t already have a fine church of your own.

Im planning to ad updates to twitter and facebook from the marathon throughout the day as I am able or after I recover! I hope everyone has a most triumphant day! I just finished praying for you all… hope you really feel the difference all day long! Prayer moves mountains!!

Sorry for any typos you may find… and the lack of an inspirational photo. Technology problems… did I mention this already? (still grrrrrrring) lol

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5 thoughts on “Journal 11.14.9

  1. Go Pastor, Go Emily, Go Pastor, Go Emily, Go Pastor, Go Emily Gooooo! You guys are so amazing! You hang in there and finish what you started! Pastor you are ready in and out of season!(lol, Like running a marathon you have not prepared for. ) You both insprire everyone around you! Thank you! And again I say, Go Pastor, Go Emily, Go Pastor, Go Emily, Go Pastor, Go Emily Gooooo!(Sorry if this seems a little corny! What can I say I am a big fan! LOL)

  2. I hope you 2 are doing well. We are still praying for Merle. We hope you have a spectacular day. God is so good. We feel so connected due to your blog. I like reading all the comments. I learn so much.

  3. Jonathan… really, I still cant walk! So much pain… I felt as if I broke my right foot and my left knee. Should be an interesting church service today! (smiling big!)