Have You Been Defeated Long Enough, Yet?

Happy Friday! My cousin Katie’s surgery seems to have been a great success… so thanks for praying everyone! This Sunday at Destiny Family Center, I’m preaching a Sunday before THANKSGIVING service: “Have You Been Defeated Long Enough, Yet?” I’m going to present my theory about why so many people are stuck in a rut… and […]

Lessons From The Life of Ebenezer Scrooge!

Happy Thursday! Yesterday, I took my family to watch Disney’s: A Christmas Carol in Digital 3D! It was our very first DIGITAL 3D experience… and WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! With that kind of quality, who will ever want to watch a regular movie again? Wow, you guys… please treat yourselves to this adventure! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YAOYs3ObzI The story […]

The Surrounding Conditions, Influences, & Forces That Make us Great!

Happy Wednesday! So how are you great guys n gals doing these days? For me, the favorite part of blogging is interaction! Inter.action: is a kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another. The idea of a two-way effect is essential in the concept of interaction, as […]

Coree Balsamo: Belly Laughing in the Face of Disaster!

Happy Tuesday! My hilarious 18 year old son Coree Balsamo (photo above) was outside on the phone last night… wasn’t paying much attention to his surrounding… wasn’t wearing his contact lenses. He was out there for a while just talking away… comes running in after the call… absolutely FRAZZLED… says to Emily and I, “MOM-DAD, […]

You’re Better Than This!

Happy Monday! We had SO MUCH FUN at the DFC Thanksgiving dinner last night! Delicious food, tremendous turn out, lots of laughter, karaoke… Heaven and I even SANG-We Will Rock You by Queen! Everyone seemed to have the time of their lives. Thanks to Caroline Law for overseeing the event and for everyone who helped […]

journal 11.15.9

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’m getting ready for an ultra amazing final message to the sermon series: You’re Better Than This! Todays message: ONE Life Can Make a Difference… So Do Something With YOUR Life! Worship is going to be perfect, the message will be ANIMATED, we’ve got a line up of special singing, special stories… […]

Journal 11.14.9

Happy Saturday! I spent nearly two hours writing todays blog from my iPhone only to have it vanish while uploading! (grrrrrr) Now I’m out of time… lets see if I can re-muster the inspiration! lol Thanks for all the enthusiasm you guys demonstrated over yesterdays 365 milestone! I love blogging because I sincerely CARE about […]

On the Other Side of the Finish Line!

Happy 365! Do you know what today is? It is a very special day for all mankind. It is day 365 for ChuckBalsamo.com. I mean that as of today, I have posted 365 consecutive, daily blogs! Sadly, not much time for celebrating at the moment. I’m working on my Sunday message until 2pm. Then, I’m going to visit my amazing […]

For the Sake of Something Far More Precious!

Happy Wednesday-Happy Veterans Day USA! Good morning friends… you good people have been so gracious with your loving comments lately. Thanks for commenting here and on twitter and facebook… your enthusiasm cheers my heart. You may not be able to see it in my writings, but this has become a week of untold sacrifice for […]