The Tyson Woody Story: P2-Our Need to be Inspired!

Happy Monday!

Yesterdays blog: The Tyson Woody Story: When The Mountain Does Not Move – it’s the most read Sunday blog of all time! On a SUNDAY, historically the slowest day of our week-we hosted 354 unique visitors and 1097 page views (an average of 3 pages per guest)… wow. Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone!

Make sure you guys read The Tyson Woody Story: When The Mountain Does Not Move – some time today if you haven’t already… and if you have, read it again. The inspiration will carry you for a few weeks or more! Really, it will!

Why are people so interested in The Tyson Woody Story? Why is the facebook Tyson Prayer Chain group STILL GROWING even after Tyson has gone to heaven?

It’s because every one of us so easily identifies with real pain and crisis!

When real tragedy HITS, we do all the Christian things: we read our Bibles and we go to church and we pray for Gods strength… and sometimes that is not enough! Sometimes, we need to be INSPIRED by WATCHING someone else OVERCOME!

The whole world longs for a hero to POINT THE WAY! We want to be INSPIRED… we need to SEE WITH OUR OWN EYES… another living human staring into the face of something unimaginable… AND COMING OUT ON TOP! We need to WATCH GOD bend down and pick up a friend! And as we watch, we realize-that same GOD can CARRY US TOO… that same God can BRING US OUT ON TOP TOO!

Here’s another short clip from chapter 2 of my coming book: Make me a Legend… I hope it blesses you all!

inspiration deprivation

Oh that someone from this current era would raise the bar for you and me. Oh for a contemporary or two! For a kindred spirit to race ahead with the blazing torch of a worthwhile mission! Give us a real time story based in straight truth that brings us to our feet. Kick down our emotional floodgates. Send water pouring from our eyes and a thousand goose bumps up and down our slouching spines. We want a prototype! We wish for a pioneer! We pine for a happy trailblazer! The whole world waits for a living legend to challenge our humdrum, lackluster existences. Someone! Anyone!

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that most of us are running out of exaggerations. We’re worn out painting pretty faces on putrid people. We’re crushed to our core every time another one of our role models turns up a fraud. We’re not hard to please and we’re not demanding graceless perfection… we just want someone to run a pure race from start to finish. That’s all!

“As for me, my life has already been poured out as an offering to God. The time of my death is near. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. And now the prize awaits me-the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give me on the day of his return. And the prize is not just for me but for all who eagerly look forward to his appearing.“-the Apostle Paul

Where can we find this man in today’s world? Every time we spot a new one riding on the heights, they crash and burn just as quickly as they rise to fly. Even the ones that start out with good character and humble aspirations… they all buckle under the weighty temptations that come with great success. Regrettably, they end up doing those things they vowed to never do. In front of an unforgiving church and world, they collapse and then they are devoured! And since today’s merciless society knows so little about restoring our fallen, the greats of yesterday are seldom the greats of tomorrow… leaving myriads of aspiring young apprentices wandering along their own paths to greatness without a sign, a map, or a shepherd.

I thank God again today for the AMAZING GRACE we have been able to TASTE as modeled in the McClure and the Woody families! They have INSPIRED ME to run my race all the way to the finish no matter what that means! May God bless them for it!


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8 thoughts on “The Tyson Woody Story: P2-Our Need to be Inspired!

  1. Wow, yet another blog that has brought tears to my eyes!! I was just able to read part one to this blog this morning, and then this. I am lucky I am not a sobbing mess here at work!! I have truly been inspired!

    We went through trials with my pregnancy and then even after birth with Nechemya, but God has brought us through it! We almost lost Nechemya a few times in my pregnancy and have had a few close calls since then in the 2 years of his life, so this makes this story all that more inspiring! We go to see Nechemya's doctor Wednesday and I believe that his kidneys will be healed in Jesus name!!! This brings this story home to me in a very real way. Through this time we had seen many people lifted up by God! Jason, Lacey and Callie were another family as many of you know that inspired us! I thank God for both our children being the miracles they are today!

    I pray that one day as Nechemya grows that we can be inspiring to someone else, as The Woody family and many others have been to us! Thank you Pastor, as you also are an inspiration to me and my family! We love you guys!!

    Now with tears in my eyes I have to get back to work, but I will be praying for everyone who reads this blog today! May God touch you in a way that will just rock your would and turn it upside down! Have a blessed day! With His Love to you all! ~ Elaine 🙂

  2. Great Elaine! Jason and Lacey and beautiful little baby Callie… YES! Another story of INSPIRATION! One of my FAVORITES of all time! And ELAINE… you are a LIVING inspiration to me every single day!

    I'm leaving for Washington DC right now… will be back tonight. Gonna be checking for comments throughout the day! I can feel the Lord so strongly right now… can you feel that too?

    Keep leaving your comments friends… we're all ears! Have a most triumphant day!!

    Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make a Difference!


  3. Being a witness to the Tyson Woody story– through his friends and church members– and the influence of this blog for him, causes two ideas to illuminate for me.

    First, THE RACE. We all are in a race. But is it TIME that runs against us, or ACCOMPLISHMENT…? Little Tyson ACCOMPLISHED the reaching of thousands of hearts from everywhere, even leading to the salvation of souls at his funeral service, all in just TWO YEARS. He had a short time in this world but accomplished for the Kingdom of God more than some lifetimes.

    I am looking at my own race, now. In the time I have been running, what have I accomplished? Have I missed check points? Have I made any difference or promoted Jesus nearly as much as this precious 2-year-old's life has?

    Second, THE CROWD. We all have on-lookers as we run, and we all ARE on-lookers,as well. Tyson's on-lookers were cheerers and he was a cheerer, too. Pastor, you are so right. We need to cheer on not just a hero, but someone we see as making a difference. We root for the one who's heart is full of love and full of fight because this gives us hope. I was truly touched when I learned of the multitude pulling for Tyson.

    In the end, this experience inspires me to run harder and pay attention to what I am accomplishing, and to pull for the others racing with me; for it encourages ME to root for a great runner.

  4. Good words, Kristen. Through posting about Tyson's entrance into Heaven, I was reminded of the fact that people watch me all the time, and I just don't realize it. I got a response to that status update on Facebook from someone I wasn't expecting to hear from, and he told me how hard the news hit him, even though he had never met Tyson or any family member. Then he told me he was going to go hug his own 2-year-old. I had totally forgotten that his son was 2 as well.

    So it made me realize that I have on-lookers, just like you said. And I want them to see Jesus in me so much, that's all they see. It's made me think, a lot, about where I am.

    Another thing, Pastor Chuck, that I didn't mention in my post to part 1: as I was reading the news about Tyson on Friday, I believe God spoke into my heart, "He (Tyson) fulfilled his calling." The words ran through me like church bells. I don't know what all Tyson accomplished for the Lord, but to hear those words in my heart…. wow.

  5. Wow …..thanks Elaine, Kristin and Michelle for sharing. I learned something from each of you this morning. What a blessing!!!

    Chuck….another blog to make me want to keep digging deeper into my relationship with Jesus and to have Jesus seen in me.