What is a CooknChill Date?

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was ALL ABOUT FOOD!

Had lunch with my bff (lol-personal joke) Jimmy Floyd… the very first time we ever shared a meal together without the families. And if you know anything about Jimmy, you can image how much JOY those two hours brought into my life! We ate at T-bone Jacks… both ordered a $6 lunch special-drink included!

We belly laughed about a million things under the sun… and hopefully, those few hours helped my dear friend Jimbo up out of his pit of despair following Sundays very emotional Washington Redskins loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Still praying for you good buddy! It’ll be ok, Chucky is always here for you in life’s darkest moments… please, don’t ever forget it! lol

Then last night, Emily and I went over to Ryan and Danae Huffer’s for dinner and a Christmas sermon series brainstorming session. Instead of the usual, “be here at 6 for dinner,” we decided to cook the meal together! And I think we may have created a NEW THING TO DO!

Maybe we should call it something like: A CooknChill Date! (cheesy right? lol)

Everyone should try this sometime! Create a fun menu, decide on which house to meet at, have everyone bring a few ingredients… and spend a few hours in the kitchen laughing your heads off and doing life together with another amazing family or two!

I realize, to all my mens-men buds out there (woooahhhh!), this idea might come of as an ultra feminine activity… but trust me: coming from a guy that specializes in pop-tarts, french toast, omelets, french bread pizzas, and ice cream sundays… I had the time of my life last night!

Of course, I was primarily acting as the photographer and the taste-test guy (smiling REAL big) and we were with a couple we ABSOLUTELY ADORE! (wiping a little tear from my right eye)

Ryan actually had the delicious Potato soup nearly finished when we arrived (his mom Debbie Huffer’s recipe)… so the date began with the making of a GORMET DESSERT: A Krispy Kreme Donut Bread Pudding!

Don’t worry, I’m including photos of the entire experience… too bad technology won’t allow me to post SAMPLES! That was maybe, the BEST dessert I’ve ever laid my tongue on! Really, I am salivating RIGHT NOW just thinking about it! (swallowing aggressively) lol

Ok… not a very spiritual blog today, but I’ve given you guys something NEW and EXCITING to do with your super duper lives! So pick up the phone and set up a few dates! Trust me, you will LOVE THIS EXPERIENCE just as much as we did!

For all my fellow Americans… don’t forget, this is Thanksgiving week! Refuse to let a single thing get you down all week long. Tis the season to be THANKFUL… to enjoy family and friends… and create a bunch of priceless memories! Please, let all the special people in your life know how much they mean to you.

For me… I want to end todays blog with a great big thank you to all the special people in my life! I’m so overwhelmed these past few days with feelings of deep gratitude… I’m blessed with the greatest circle of family and friends in all the earth! You all matter so much to me.

I hope todays blog warms your HEART… I pray it leads you all into the spirit of this great American holiday! God bless you all here in the USA and throughout the whole earth! Please leave a few loving comments and have a most triumphant day!

the Potato Soup

Ryans super duper krispy kreme bread pudding (photo 1)

Emily mixing Ryans krispy kreme bread pudding (photo 2)

Ryans krispy kreme bread pudding- ready for the oven (photo 3)

I know it looks nasty… but gooooaaaaaaa! (photo 4)

homeade ice cream for Ryans krispy kreme bread pudding (photo 5)

cre`me en glac`ee for Ryans krispy kreme bread pudding (photo 6)

walllaaaaaa! Ryans krispy kreme bread pudding (photo 7-completion!)

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6 thoughts on “What is a CooknChill Date?

  1. Oh man, that dessert looks AWESOME! I'm hungry. Wonder if that's a top secret dessert recipe or if they are willing to share it. Man oh man.

    Great blog, now Im thinking Applebee's maple walnut blondie till I can get that krispy kreme recipe!


  2. I have to agree it sounds wonderful!!! The food and the cooknchill date. I will have to give it a try. I am working on pies this week though. Traditional Thanksgiving holiday desserts. I am also going to work on some special truffles just for you guys though Pastor! Just don't eat them all at once.

    I pray that everyone has a blessed holiday! I am thankful for all my friends or should I say my extended family! I love you all!!!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. I should schedule something like that with some of my YP buddies and their wives in town. We use to do this sort of thing with college friends back in Missouri.