The Tyson Woody Story: P1-When The Mountain Does Not Move.

Happy Sunday!

Last night, we went to the amazing memorial service for little Tyson Woody. It was moving! The theme for the entire night was: sometimes bad things happen to good people… and when we all face situations beyond our understanding, we have to trust God and worship him no matter what!

To the Woody and McClure families and especially to Tyson’s parents, Jeremy & Summer Woody: Thank you for demonstrating GRACE! Thank you for inspiring this entire community with your words and actions, your trust and love, and with your beautiful obvious FAITH in Jesus Christ. God was honored, oh how He was honored! You praised Him in this storm… and none of us that watched you will ever be the same!


Maybe one of our readers is facing a terrible situation right now… maybe real tears are beginning to gather at the rim of your bloodshot eyes… maybe life at this moment is far more than you can bear alone.

I don’t believe God sends the storm… I do believe He can calm the storm! This earth is filled with pain… the result of our fall in Genesis 3. Sometimes, bad things do happen to the very best people.


12 plus thoughts about moving mountains

That being said. I do believe healing is a biblical promise obtained at the cross just like salvation. I think it is a great thing to teach people the following:

  1. We can live longer and healthier with FAITH than without faith.
  2. As believers, we should learn all there is to learn about all the benefits of our salvation: including the promise of physical and emotional healing.
  3. Jesus said that nothing is impossible for them that believe… therefore, we should never limit God in his ability.
  4. John 10:10 explains how the devil came to steal, kill, and destroy… and Jesus came to give life-abundant life. This verse and many other verses well contrast the difference between the devil’s mission and the mission of Jesus.
  5. Acts 10:38 says, “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, who went about DOING GOOD and healing all who were oppressed with the devil.” This doesn’t mean that every person who is sick has some kind of demon… but that it’s the devil who brings bad and Jesus does GOOD.
  6. 1 John 3:8 says, “For this purpose was the son of God manifested, that he might DESTROY the WORKS of the devil.” Therefore, Jesus came to save us and heal us from all the devils works: spirit, soul, and body.
  7. So we have to believe that God loves us and WANTS US WELL… that he wants us healthy… that he is the force of GOOD in this earth working through faith and doctors and medicine to make the sick BETTER.
  8. FAITH is very different from HOPE. When it comes to obtaining any biblical promise by faith, we have to do more than wish for things to get better. Hebrews 11:1 says this, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for… the evidence of things not yet seen.” In other words… FAITH gives SUBSTANCE to our HOPES. The hope is the DREAM… we need HOPE to get better-it’s the dream that keeps us holding on. But HOPE alone cannot change a circumstance.
  9. There is a difference between Thomas faith and Abraham faith. Thomas only believed AFTER he got to see and touch the nail scarred hands of Jesus. Abraham, the guy who is eternally labeled as the FATHER OF FAITH… Romans 4:17 says that Abraham, “Believed God who makes the dead alive and calls things that are NOT as IF THEY ARE.” In other words… Abraham had hope of Gods promises and with FAITH he stood on Gods promise until his circumstance matched his faith… and his FAITH created the substance of his hopes.
  10. Faith then, is the vehicle that drives us to a biblical promise.
  11. None of this negates the blessing of doctors and medicine. And until a person is confirmed healthy by a doctor, he or she should continue to take prescribed medicines and suggested treatments.
  12. Do I believe a person can get cured from illness by putting their faith in Jesus? Yes! Most definitely! As I mentioned in point number 1… there is no down side to BELIEVING.

There is so much more to this subject. In summary: Sickness came into the earth when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Sickness is in the earth today as a result of original sin NOT individual sin. Sickness is no respecter of persons. It attacks bad people, good people, and even the greatest people of all.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Because there is a devil-and he is always looking for another victim. And in this fallen civilization… Jesus came to give us LIFE. He came to make us better! He came to restore us spiritually, and heal us emotionally and physically. Faith can and faith does make a difference. Even secular statistics have shown that people of FAITH live longer and healthier than people without faith.

Faith can move mountains! Faith can heal the sick! Faith can bring a broken marriage back together! Faith can prolong life and enhance the quality of life! Faith CAN cure anything… even diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, arthritis, and the such!


when the mountain does not move

And in those times, when we have done everything we know to do… and still end up with what seems to be an unanswered prayer… there is GRACE to carry us. This is when we trust God even when we cannot trace him. This is when we open our Bibles to Romans 8:28 and we read: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

This is when we look back and see only ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS in the sand… and we know that God is holding us tightly in his loving arms. When the hugs don’t help, and the cards don’t help, and the flowers and meals and encouraging words from other humans are still not enough to lift us from the floor… GOD bends down to LIFT US UP! His GRACE is always enough!

This is when we know that even in our seeming defeat, we are ALWAYS victorious! That God’s ways are much higher than our ways… that HE IS ABLE to make good result from the painful things we endure.

In the story of Tyson Woody… I cannot fathom the pain of losing my two year old son. Yet, I am CONVINCED of life after death for those who believe in Jesus Christ… that even 90 years on this earth is but a vapor of time. We are all here today and gone tomorrow… and then the glories of heaven!

God has taken a very painful situation… and he has turned it around! Because of the UNSWERVING FAITH of these families, many are putting their trust in Jesus! I thank God for his AMAZING GRACE as seen so clearly in the Tyson Woody story! God bless them and God bless you all today!

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13 thoughts on “The Tyson Woody Story: P1-When The Mountain Does Not Move.

  1. We are praying for Tyson's family.

    Faith is a must today and everyday. Faith in God. I couldn't imagine not having my faith in God's healing hands during this recovery time of Randy's. After 3.5 weeks of bathing him at the sink he was able to get in the shower with his walker. He said he felt like a new man. I was tickled pink.

    One early morning Randy's heart rhythm was out of wack because of the other pain meds he was on and by faith I got out the crisco spray oil and put it on my hands and began anointing Randy with it. At first I was like this is crazy, but I reminded myself of what God's word said and that God would accept this oil by my faith in Him to stop this wackness of his heart rhythm. God can move mountains and there are times it may seem that He is not moving it, but He is. We must continue to have faith in Him.

    Thank you for this blog and sharing these amazing truths about FAITH.

  2. So well said Chuck. We are all better people for watching Tyson's family respond to this tragedy with their faith. God bless them and give them peace. Amen.

  3. Pastor Chuck, what a beautiful blog today! It made me cry though:) You said it all right here in your own words so there is not much I can add to the testimony of the Woody and McClure families except they are truly REAL PEOPLE who love JESUS and love their family and their church family with all their heart.

    Bo and I lived, loved, served and grew at Ridgeview for over a decade and it was Pastor Don and his family, Jeremy, Summer, the "Ridgeview family" that sown their lives into our lives and into the lives of our children that has helped make us the people we are today!

    The things Pastor Don was talking about being a close family church is all spoken truth. Yes, it is large in numbers but so close in heart strings.

    Bo and I said last night even though we have been gone for several years now (not attending there) when we do come around for something we are welcomed and treated as if we belong and have never left. That's genuine care we feel. This is how we should treat people of all kinds in this world. The Woody's and McClure's are truly that kind of people. They teach and preach others to be that way as well.

    Jeremy and Summer are the Youth Pastors for the ministry and the youth of this area wanted to all gather together Friday afternoon when they found out about Tyson. That's what family does.

    I know from our own lives being youth leaders along beside the Woodys for many years my kids grew up with the teens in the youth group and with the woody kids. The teens treated our kids like little sisters. Our kids, and us too are still connected to many "college age" students now because of the relationships formed while in the ministry of Ridgeview. This is who the Woody's and McCLures are. This is how they live. They really are amazing people! Real life, real love!

    Jeremy quoted something I have heard him say I know 1000 times in the past…Jeremy: "God is who He said He is, & He does what He said He would do. No more, no less." "We are not special people; we serve a special God."

    God does get all the Glory and Honor for everything in their lives and ours. It is God who directs our steps and actions. We praise God for who HE is and for who HE has made us all!

    Take a look at what you posted yesterday BEFORE the Service….. The prayer you prayed for the family. It was the EXACT 3 points they preached on ! EXACT! GRACE…PEACE…HOPE… (Below)

    Also for Jeremy and Summer Woody as they bid “farewell for now” to their son Tyson this evening @ Ridgeview Baptist Church. Tyson was only two years old. These are the times when God PICKS US up… he carries us when we cannot walk another step without him. I pray for Gods grace… for his peace… and for the HOPE of ETERNITY to be in the air today!

    Thank you Pastor Chuck for being who you are! Thank you for being there with us last night too! It meant the world! We love you guys!!!

  4. I am so glad I was able to get on here this morning!! (I am sure you all get tired of hearing this. LOL I know I sound like a broken record.) Good things do happen to good people. I thank God for all the wondrous miracles I have received over the last few years! The only thing that has pulled us through is our Faith and our church family!! Vicky I couldn't agree more about how great it is to have a close church family! Even though we are not at Destiny as much as we used to be with all going on at Freedom Outreach in Mount Jackson, we know we always have a home at DFC and that is a WONDERFUL feeling! Thank you all for being who you are! We have been and will continue to pray for Tyson’s family! Have a blessed day everyone!!!

  5. Wow Thank you as I sat here and read this still trying to find God myself again. I sat here with tears in my eyes and chills overcoming my body I saw that glimpse of Him that I saw that first time I came to your service and I am now finding myself questioning my thoughts and actions and the large gap that I have made in my own heart between God and myself. So I just wanted you to know what an impact you and your blog have mae on this lost soul this beautiful morning. THANK YOU

  6. Michelle,
    As I sat at Tyson's celebration of Life service Saturday night and listened intently to the words of his parents, grandparents, and Uncle with tears flowing I too am reminded so much of things in my own life that need to be brought into proper perspectives.

    At one time during the service Tyson's grandpa Woody asked all of us to raise our hands if Tyson's life and story has changed our lives in any way. Hands went up all over that church! Lives forever changed all because of the life story of a precious two year old boy!

    I had the privilege of knowing this child and his big blue eyes will forever be etched in my soul!

    I ask you, take this opportunity and search your own heart and soul as I think you may be doing from what you have said here and let this two year old boy be the pivot point for your life too!

    God will fill in that "large gap" you speak of between him and you. All you need to do is move forward towards God and He will do the rest. Come back to service and surround yourself with people who can help keep you on track. Keep reading the blog but please come back and join us in person.

  7. Well said, Pastor Chuck.

    There will always be things that will happen in this world, that we will not understand. But if we understood WHY everything happened the way it does, especially the bad things that happen, then we wouldn't need a GOD to trust in and cling to.

    I liked what you said, Pastor Chuck, about how God does not send the storm. Very good words. God does not send the storm, but He does bring peace amidst the storm, and He can deliver out of the storm. And He never leaves us during the storm. For me, that is the most comforting thing.

    Thank God for the Woodys, and the McClures, and the church family (both near and far) that surrounds them during this time. Because the Bible says the world will know us by our LOVE for one another. And these people truly love one another.

    Love. That is God's gift. That is the power of Him who made us. That is the seed of Tyson's story.

  8. Wow! This is so moving! And reminds me of what happen to my family back in 2005. My dad died because of a bone cancer. It was too late when we brought dad to the doc, and the cancer was already spreading *almost crying*

    One nite, I sat on my bed just crying, sighing .. I was in a moment where I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO: I didn't know whether having faith for the healing or surrender my dad's life to God. So I just cried.

    Since the diagnose, dad only survived 3months but it was a 3months filled with an encounter with God: he received Jesus Christ, he got baptized, we read the bible together everyday .. Until his last breath exactly in front of my face.

    Its true, BAD things happen to a good people. Sometimes for no reason, Like Job had; God even allows the devil to TEST on Job and to destroy everything; including his animals, his houses, and also his childrens. What kind of BAD things more BAD than what Job had?

    Psalm said: From birth to death, He is God our rock.

    Sometimes YES, God allows the 'failure' to PURIFY our heart so that we can say "its not me, but GOD"

    But For every season, and in every season, Our God He deserved the HIGHEST praise and the HIGHEST expression that He is the GREAT God.

    A true worship come when there's actually a hard times and you have a reason not to lift up your hand, but YET you still lift up your hand and praising HIM with the heart that SOLD OUT for Him.

    My deep deep deep deep deep condolense for Tyson's family. The strength, The peace may rule over the family.

  9. Michelle… you are such an amazing person! I love you're ENERGY and the JOY you bring every time you're around! Just last night I was thinking about the Christmas parade and I remembered how much you wanted to do that a few years ago… I really wish you were here to make that happen… it could have been epic! I'm raying for you guys… love you all so very much! Thanks for the kind comments… you are a great encourager! Tell Scott hey… sorry I missed him just recently… have a most triumphant day!