1 Day 2 10: Wayne Wrote His Plan!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Last night, we did a LIVE life planning session with Wayne Howard @ DFC. And let me tell you, it was so much FUN! Wayne was the perfect guy for this experiment… everyone appreciated Wayne’s willingness to spill his life out in front of a live audience like that! He held nothing […]

2 Days 2 10: Get Your Goals Out of Your Head!

Happy Wednesday! Tonight @ Destiny Family Center: I’m going to choose a volunteer out of the crowd… and help this lucky person WRITE A TRIUMPHANT 2010 NEW LIFE PLAN! Every meeting @ DFC is broadcasted LIVE! All Wednesday night meetings run from 7:00-8:30PM EST: tonight’s life management coaching segment should begin at 7:20pm after a […]

4 Days 2 10: Write a New Life Plan!

Happy Monday! Yesterdays church service @ Destiny Family Center was BEAUTIFUL! Almost can’t believe how the momentum continues to build! Wow, thank you God for giving us this grace! We can feel how you are opening GREAT DOORS to us right now. What a blessing it is! In case you haven’t noticed… NEXT YEAR begins […]

Great Faith & A Million Miracles!

Happy Sunday! Did I mention how excited I am about FINALLY getting to have a church service this morning?! We’ve had winter weather here on the East Coast for the past THREE weeks… its kept so many people from getting to our services. Last Sunday, we were forced to cancel a service for the first […]

Story of The Vanishing iTunes Gift Card!

Merry Christmas Day After! Make sure you guys read yesterdays Christmas blog: Jesus Came 2 My House… it was very spiritual, very powerful… especially if you get to read it when you’re all alone and when you can spend some time praying afterwards. Really make some time today to prepare yourself for tomorrows church service at […]

Merry Christmas: Jesus Came to my House!

Merry Christmas! It’s still early, my family is sleeping. It’s so quiet this morning. I just read the Christmas story from Luke 1 & 2, watched a 10 minute YouTube video clip from The Nativity Story, and I prayed for Immanuel (God is with us) to be with us-and with you, more this Christmas than […]

Coree Spent Last Night in His Igloo! lol

Update: <Here’s the video LINK!> Happy Wednesday! Proverbs 10:1 The proverbs of Solomon: A wise son brings JOY to his father, but a foolish son grief to his mother. Yesterday, my son Coree Balsamo and his friend Blake Fitzgerald built a massive Igloo! (photos) Coree’s excitement was the greatest Christmas gift a son could give his father […]

Give Yourself the Gift of Blessing Someone Else!

Happy Tuesday! Three days to Christmas. Everybody doing ok? Are you sure? I really care and I’m really praying for you this morning! When I wrote yesterdays blog, I had no idea how much of a RIGHT NOW message it would turn out to be! All day long, I kept getting all of these bizarre […]