1 Day 2 10: Wayne Wrote His Plan!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Last night, we did a LIVE life planning session with Wayne Howard @ DFC. And let me tell you, it was so much FUN! Wayne was the perfect guy for this experiment… everyone appreciated Wayne’s willingness to spill his life out in front of a live audience like that! He held nothing back… and when the night was over, Wayne had a very good start to his NEW LIFE PLAN!

I bet Wayne is bouncing out of bed this morning @ 5:15am just like he’s planning to do for the next 365 days… ALIVE AWAKE AND FULL OF ENERGY! I bet he’ll love and enjoy that NEW early morning spiritual routine so much he may even start crying at times!

By the time Wayne leaves for the Smoothy King today, he’ll be TINGLING ALL OVER WITH THE MAGICAL POWERS OF HIS NEW LIFE PLAN… watch out world, here comes the NEW WAYNE! He knows who he is and he knows why he is here!

Habakkuk 2:2 Then the LORD answered me and said: ” Write the vision and MAKE IT PLAIN (write it down!) on tablets, that he may RUN who READS it.”

Last night, I climbed up into the watchtower with Wayne and we asked the difficult questions… and we searched and searched for the breakthrough answers! Wayne is writing down the entire VISION, his NEW LIFE PLAN! 2010 will be a year of BALANCE and GREAT MOMENTUM, because Wayne has a plan for the all NINE EQUITIES of his LIFE!

  1. Spiritual (relationship w/ God)
  2. Physical (your body)
  3. Family (your inner circle)
  4. Financial (your money plan)
  5. Career & Calling (career-your job/calling-your divine purpose)
  6. Contribution (giving your time, talents, and resources)
  7. Character (the real you)
  8. Education (new information and mentorship)
  9. Experiences (exposure: visiting new places/trying new things)

This year, everything is going to be DIFFERENT for Wayne Howard and his beautiful family: Doresa, Jazmin, and Jo’-el! They’re going to RUN LIKE THE WIND WITH WAYNE’S NEW LIFE VISION! Doresa is writing her NEW LIFE PLAN, and together: Wayne and Doresa will help the kids write a simpler version of the plan… so their entire family will living and thriving on PURPOSE!

God seems to throw himself on the side of the man who knows exactly what he wants. -Napoleon Hill


My New Years Eve Prayer!

“I now pray for the Howard family, and for every family and individual taking the time to write a new life plan! It’s not easy, the process takes about 4 hours from beginning to end… it’s very painful, having to face the reality of their great need for change… it’s exhausting for beaten down people to DREAM WITHOUT LIMITS, especially for those who have been trapped in a mode of low expectations for so long.

But today, I am asking you Father, to BLESS MY FRIENDS WITH VISIONS! Help them dedicate four hours to the best year of their lives! I pray that as these good people write the plan, and as they read the plan, and run with the plan… that the entire universe would start conspiring in their favor! As they reach for the prize, may the prize reach back to them! I ask for great doors to open for each of my blog friends… that 2010 will be the greatest year of their entire lives!

According to the words of Isaiah’s prophecy in Isaiah 54:2-3… I pray they will ENLARGE the place of THEIR tents, and let them STRETCH out the curtains of THEIR dwellings; I pray THEY do not spare; that THEY lengthen their cords, and strengthen THEIR stakes. For this is the year for EACH OF THEM to break out to the right and to the left, and for THEIR descendants to inherit the nations, and make the desolate cities inhabited… in Jesus name I pray, amen!”

Here’s a deeply spiritual spontaneous worship song from Kim Walker… it’ll lift you into a place of SEEING and greatly enhance your planning session! Enjoy!


Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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3 thoughts on “1 Day 2 10: Wayne Wrote His Plan!

  1. Great blog Chuck… wow, that Wayne is a real inspiration… so much, that I am WRITING MY PLAN TODAY! This is going to be a year of perfect balance and unimaginable momentum for me and my family! Mr. Howard… thanks for putting yourself out there like that!!

  2. I am so bummed that I missed being there at the service. I am going to try to watch it! It is AWESOME that Wayne was willing to put himself out there like that! I know God will bless him for it!!

    Anyway making up for no internet the last few days. I know I have said it before I can't wait until I have my laptop!!! 🙂 I hope now the post is a little less lonely. LOL