2 Days 2 10: Get Your Goals Out of Your Head!

Happy Wednesday!

Tonight @ Destiny Family Center: I’m going to choose a volunteer out of the crowd… and help this lucky person WRITE A TRIUMPHANT 2010 NEW LIFE PLAN!

Every meeting @ DFC is broadcasted LIVE! All Wednesday night meetings run from 7:00-8:30PM EST: tonight’s life management coaching segment should begin at 7:20pm after a short worship set, welcome and announcements, and an opportunity for year end contributions! Hope to see you there!

Tonight’s LIVE Life Management Coaching Schedule:

  1. I’m gonna help our volunteer write a lively 2010 New Life Plan!
  2. Then we’re going to create a 2010 calendar for the New Life Plan… annual, weekly, and daily schedules!
  3. Then we’re going to create a list of positive affirmations around a few of the biggest goals!
  4. Then we’re going to write 5 benefits of following this plan and 5 consequences of failing to follow this plan!

If you’re joining us online, bring the following documents to the meeting. We will have forms available on site!

Habakkuk 2:2 Then the LORD answered me and said: “ Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.

I love the following video from Annie Sorensen… she explains the importance of GETTING YOUR GOALS OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into a written plan! Annie writes a great blog… check out her work!


Ok, so do what you must to join us tonight! Who knows? This could be the year you finally get your greatest goals written into an achievable life management plan! Have a great day… see you tonight!!

Dream Big,


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6 thoughts on “2 Days 2 10: Get Your Goals Out of Your Head!

  1. It sounds like tonight’s service is going to be one no one is going to want to miss! Unfortunately I since I have been off for 2 weeks (without a choice LOL) I have to work and will be missing the service. 🙁 I will either catch it online or on CD for sure!! 🙂 I listen to many of your messages online and on CD when I am at work. I will be praying for the service and that everyone who is there gets ROCKED and either walks out with a Triumphant 2010 New Life Plan, or the inspiration to go home and get one!!! I know they will!!

    I am finishing up my plan and I will post some highlights either later today or tomorrow. My excitement for the New Year continues to grow with every piece of the plan I put to paper!! I thank God for New Years and New Seasons!!!

    Thank you Pastor for the blessing you have been in 2009 and the inspiration and encouragement for all of us to be exceedingly triumphant in 2010!!! Have a truly blessed day everyone!!! 🙂

    • Hey Elaine! You sent two messages and I posted the most recent one. For some reason the blog site wasn't recognizing you today. Hope you're day is AMAZING… im really anticipating your PLAN and I hope you join us online!!

  2. Chuck – Thank you so much for sharing this video! This time of year there's a lot of hubbub around goal-setting, but it's truly something that should be discussed during EVERY season of the year. You're an inspiration, keep it up!


  3. Ps Chuck .. I've been silently reading all your daily blog and for some reason, everytime I tried to pause and leave comments, it was just not the right time .. *ergghhh*

    And I truly love the '9 equities' and I did following and filling every empty lines exitedly. And at the end of writing the dreams, goals, and hardly pulling them out from my head .. Then one word HIT me in my heart "commitment"

    Years by years I always wrote them all .. Some were happened very quick, some were just still in paper, and some even not in my head anymore .. Then I realize "we need the resolution as well as the commitment"

    Everybody can write their resolution, but not everybody making a commitment to really achieve what they'd wrote. Somepeople just 'daydreaming' .. But I want to dream with Holy Spirit, and make it come true even more than what I wrote. Because I do believe that God is able to answer MORE than what we ask for.

    And even though I'm a human with a limitation, but I really pray that the Unlimitted God would live and manifested through me .. So people would see, say, and believe in God I worship.

    I'm soooo excited about the year infront of us. Let's not just making a resolution, let's make 'a commitment'

    Thank you Ps Chuck for every encouragement, I never meet you face to face but what you've done (this means through your writing) somehow and many times LIFTED me up and PUT me again on the mountain top where I can breath freshly and think even do the impossible. I do hope you can feel what I feel right now .. Because this midnite I'm just so awake .. Sharpen my ear to just listen to God for His heart, His plan, and His agenda ..

    Last nite, I wrote them all (the resolution) and tonite I'm just gonna give it to God and give Him the full authority to smash it, or burn it or erase it or even change them all .. I don't want to include God anymore in my agenda, I want HIM to INCLUDE me in His agenda. *and I feel like crying now* 🙂

    Ps Chuckkkkk .. Thank you for this amazing year. You made it amazing for you, your family, and the world. I'm so glad that you exist and choose not to just exist but to inspire people.

    God bless you in 2010 richly in every area of your life. Jesus is truly the reason for your every season. Happy New Year 2010 for you and for your loved one.

    Cheers and Cheers and Cheers,