Coree Spent Last Night in His Igloo! lol

Update: <Here’s the video LINK!>

Happy Wednesday!

Proverbs 10:1 The proverbs of Solomon: A wise son brings JOY to his father, but a foolish son grief to his mother.

Yesterday, my son Coree Balsamo and his friend Blake Fitzgerald built a massive Igloo! (photos) Coree’s excitement was the greatest Christmas gift a son could give his father 3 days before Christmas! At 18, he cherishes the SIMPLE things in life more than ANY person I’ve ever met! This is Coree @ his BEST! It has to be some kind of GIFT from God!

Are you ready for the really big news in this story?? Ok, so Coree and Blake SPENT THE NIGHT IN THE IGLOO! No, I am not kidding or lying you guys! lol

Coree told me last night, “Dad… I bet me and Blake will be the very first people in the history of Virginia to EVER sleep in an igloo! No wait, maybe even on the whole east coast!” I haven’t seen him this excited in a very long time… it was SO EMPOWERING!

Here’s my text conversation with Coree from last night and this morning:

  • 11:33pm (Coree writing from inside the Igloo) Dad, tomorrow we have to make an igloo at our house and sleep in it! You would be having so much fun!
  • 12:25pm (Coree) We made a video!
  • 6:54am (I wrote) Are you guys still alive?
  • 6:56am (Coree) Yeap!
  • 6:57am (I wrote) In the Igloo??
  • 6:59am (Coree) Sure am
  • 7:01am (I wrote) Hahaha!!!! Freezing?!!!
  • 7:03am (Coree) No. I slept in shorts and short sleeves
  • 7:05am (I wrote) I’m blogging about you guys right now. Any words for my world wide blog tribe?
  • 7:07am (Coree) Eskimos would be happier in California! lol
  • 7:08am (I wrote) What!! lol
  • 7:08am (I wrote) Ok, Ill let u go. This is one of the coolest things ever!
  • 7:10am (Coree) I know lol. In an Igloo the night and day look the same for some reason. We have a video for you!
  • 7:12am (I wrote) Really?!
  • 7:13am (Coree) For the most part yeah
  • 7:14am (I wrote) Did you ever feel the threat of lurking polar bears!!
  • 7:16am (Coree) No but Blake has geese and they dont sleep
  • 7:18am (I wrote) You mean POLAR GEESE!! Everything is POLAR when you’re living in an igloo!
  • 7:18am (Coree) Haha
  • 7:19am (I wrote) Are you gonna post the video on your YouTube?
  • 7:20am (Coree) Yeah.
  • 7:22am (I wrote) Wow its getting light!!!
  • 7:22am (Coree) Yeah we just looked outside
  • 7:23am (I wrote) Let me know when you get the video posted and I’ll put it on my blog!
  • 7:24am (Coree) Okay. Ill put it on sometime today
  • 7:24am (I wrote) Cya later love you! Tell Blake hi!
  • 7:25am (Coree) k. Love you too

Isn’t this hilarious! Keep checking back from time to time throughout the day… and just as soon as Coree gets the video footage uploaded, I will add it to this blog!

<Here’s the video LINK!>

Another day in the life of the Balsamo’s! Life is really good for us this Christmas! We are SO RICH everywhere it really counts!

I hope this story give everyone a great big blast of Christmas Cheer… I hope it gives you a really good laugh, or at least a nice big smile! Maybe it will help you recognize all those inexpensive opportunities for FUN waiting to be had in your own world this Christmas! Be creative, enjoy your great circle of family and friends! Do something you’ve never done before… be WILD and ENERGETIC all the way through the New Year!

Thanks for loving my daily blog! Thanks for all your BEAUTIFUL COMMENTS! I pray for you guys every single morning… believing you often feel the difference! You guys add so much value to my life! I love you all!

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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One thought on “Coree Spent Last Night in His Igloo! lol

  1. Cool! Maybe we can see the video at church tonight. As long as it isn't too spiritual the AV technology should work just fine;) hehe