Great Faith & A Million Miracles!

Happy Sunday!

Did I mention how excited I am about FINALLY getting to have a church service this morning?! We’ve had winter weather here on the East Coast for the past THREE weeks… its kept so many people from getting to our services.

Last Sunday, we were forced to cancel a service for the first time in several years! Even on Wednesday nights, we’ve had Christmas Caroling and the Annual Church Christmas Party for two weeks in a row… and no worship or preaching.

I hope that absence made the HEARTS GROW FOND… and even though so many people are still gone for the holidays, MANY will gather… and EVERYONE that gathers, will come with great expectations!

I opened my Bible this morning, to Joshua 3:10 and it read…

“Today you will know that the living God is among you. He will surely drive out the Canaanites, Hittites, Hivites, Perizzites, Girgashites, Amorites, and Jebusites ahead of you.”

What an amazing scripture to fumble onto! TODAY you will KNOW that the LIVING GOD is AMONG YOU!

Sadly, in America these days, fewer and fewer churches and Christians KNOW that the LIVING GOD is AMONG them. While we push to HAVE EVERYTHING this physical world has to offer, we’re far too easily satisfied when it comes to HAVING ANY part of our spiritual heritage.

Maybe the hang up is noticed in our pursuit, or in our LACK of pursuit. And maybe this is the YEAR to ACT ON OUR FAITH… maybe, this is the year for ADVANCING INTO ENEMY TERRITORY… for demonstrating great resolve… and moving into biblical promises with GREAT FAITH and a MILLION MIRACLES!

I feel like a SPEECH is stirring up in my heart today… almost as if I’ve gone back in time and I am JOSHUA standing before the nation of Israel just as they were beginning to TAKE POSSESSION OF THEIR PROMISED LAND!

I better save this for church! Have a super Sunday everyone! I love you and I JUST prayed a bunch of NICE things over you… so feel the difference and SHARE the difference ALL DAY LONG!

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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3 thoughts on “Great Faith & A Million Miracles!

  1. I can't wait either. I woke this morning with great expectation of a spirit filled day. I pray that everyone can make it safely to church or to worship online with us today.

    Our God is a great big God!

    Have a blessed day everyone!