Journal: Bad Monday Becomes a Lovely Week!

Happy Friday!

Who could have predicted it on Monday night… that we would be sitting in this hospital room, just a few hours away from driving my father-in-law back to his house! The road to his recovery is still stacked high with obstacles… but for now, we’re grateful to God for this milestone!

Yesterday, I traveled home to pick up clothes and do a funeral… Kenny Kreczkowski. What a super person he was! It was a real HONOR representing such a man and his amazing family! The message of Kenny’s life was this:

  • When others complained about the dirt and filth in today’s world, Kenny saw a beautiful garden!
  • When others fought to fit in to bigger and better circles, Kenny LOVED the people right in front of him!
  • While the whole rest of the world, burns up their lives striving for more and more… Kenny was GRATEFUL for EVERYTHING he already had!

Two people committed their lives to Christ at that funeral… added together with the two people from Wednesday nights’ discipleship group, and the eleven others from Sunday mornings’ service… a total of 15 first time commitments to Christ in our ministry over the past 5 days.

What a blessing… to be fruitful! Confirmation of the powerful prophecy mentioned in last weeks blog: 4am prophecy from England! You can watch the video of that prophecy @ the DFC Media Center or by clicking the following link: 2010: The Most Prolific Year!

Grrrr!!! Looks like that’s about all I’m going to be able to write this morning! I’m in the waiting room… with some guy on his cell phone wanting the ENTIRE hospital to know he’s a business man! Oh and wait… here comes a lady gossiping as LOUD as she can on HER cell phone about some obsessive compulsive family member. PLEASE use your inside voices PEOPLE! Some of us are trying to CHANGE THE WORLD RIGHT NOW! lol

I spent quite a bit of time thanking God for you all and praying for you this morning! I hope you really feel the difference, all day long! You have changed our lives with your love these past few days… so thanks a million times!


Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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One thought on “Journal: Bad Monday Becomes a Lovely Week!

  1. Praising God that Merle is at home and resting with the care of your beautiful, Em. You guys are awesome. What a character building exercise to care for the sick.

    I liked the points you shared of Kenny's life. These are great challenges for us all to accomplish. He sounds like he was content.