Nothing Changes: Until We Break Camp & Cross Over!

Happy Sunday!

You wake up just a few weeks in to your new year, realizing there is NOTHING different about your surroundings. The obstacles of yesterday are the obstacles of today. Your cars are still breaking down, people in the family are still getting sick, government is still a MESS… nothing has changed EXCEPT… YOUR ATTITUDE!

If you thought the devil would roll over and play dead just because you came out of the shoot with a happy prophecy and a new life vision, then you’re feeling a little bummed out this morning. No, he’s not going anywhere until you MAKE HIM!

What’s different about this year… is your NEW ATTITUDE!

In the book of Exodus… the Israelites who came through the Red Sea and out of Epytian slavery… ended up settling in a place called the WILDERNESS. They had the faith to see ONE HALF of Gods promise fulfilled in their lives… and before they were able to HAVE THE OTHER HALF, they settled just outside their POT OF GOLD!

It wasn’t hard for FEAR to push them back down in their place… for after all, they had been slaves for a very long time… they were used to submitting! And they submitted to their fears for 40 years… an entire generation died in that wilderness… because, even though God took them out of slavery with a series of POWER demonstrations… he was not able to extract the mental disease of slavery from their minds!

Overcoming slavery is a very difficult thing to do. It usually takes a few generations!

  • An Exodus Generation/Moses Generation/A crossing the Red Sea Generation… to break PHARAOHS RESOLVE! (coming out)
  • A Jerico Generation/Joshua Generation/A crossing the Jordan River Generation… to take our Fathers promise! (going in)

Both of these generations needed Gods miraculous power. The Exodus of Moses was a MIRACULOUS thing… all the plagues and the Red Sea crossing! So was crossing the Jordan River and shouting down the walls of Jerico… and possessing the territory God had promised to Abraham hundreds of years before that day!

In between these two generations, is the wilderness era. This is the period of time it takes for unbelief to DIE OUT… the period of time it takes for a NEW SPIRIT OF FAITH to emerge until we actually BELIEVE WE WERE BORN TO TASTE THE GRAPES!

For so many Christians… we come out of Egypt with a pile of supernatural demonstrations. God delivers us with an outstretched arm! And then we spend a few decades “getting by” in a spiritual wilderness… we cross the Red Sea but not the Jordan River.

  • The wilderness is a place called AVERAGE!
  • In the wilderness, you’re on your way to heaven, but living a DEFEATED life on earth!
  • In the wilderness, you’re complaining about how things are, but not willing to FACE THE GIANTS that stand between you and your blessings!

If 2010 is going to be any different from the years of these past few decades, then it is going to be a year of WAR! It is going to be a year of MIRACLES! Or, for some of us… it can be a year of staying behind in the wilderness of AVERAGE.

We’re going to need the courage to LET GO OF THE PAST and FACE OUR GIANTS! Gonna have to SMEAR ON OUR PRAYER WARRIOR PAINT and GET OUT OUR FAITH CONFESSION… gonna have to HEAR FROM GOD as Joshua HEARD FROM GOD… and dedicate this year as a year of NOT LETTING HIS WORD DEPART FROM OUR MOUTHS… a year of MEDITATING on Gods promises DAY AND NIGHT! (a principle of faith)

So, just in case you’re wondering WHY nothing has changed… it’s because nothing WILL CHANGE until you BREAK CAMP and CROSS OVER!

More on this at Destiny Family Center 10am EST today! This is one of the fastest blogs I’ve ever written… so be easy on me you guys! I have to drive home from Richmond to preach this morning and then drive back here to my father in laws right after church. Please keep praying for this situation!

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4 thoughts on “Nothing Changes: Until We Break Camp & Cross Over!

  1. Now that is powerful. You are so right. We must let go of the past and cross the Jordan. I pray that we each cross the Jordan this year and quit living in fear after we have pushed on so far. I pray we don't let fear creep up on us while we are pushing forward. I pray we have the right attitude towards all situations and people. I pray God is the one sought after in all circumstances.

    Have a great Sat.

  2. Wow Chuck!! I really needed that this morning. It can be compared to addiction. We stop using and we get to a place of abstainence and if we live in fear, we go nowhere. But if we step out in faith we come to a place of recovery. Life is a miracle for an addict. Every breath is a blessing but if we stay in fear we are merely existing. When we trust God and live our lives to the fullest knowing God brought us through the fire to give us life abundant we can enjoy life, love and all of Gods promises. I am sick of living in mediocraty. I want so much more, I want to do so much more. I pray that this blog reaches those who are living in the wilderness and gives them the inspiration it takes to step out in faith and cross over. I need a slight attitude adjustment. I'm tired of letting the circumstances of today hold me back from God's promises of victory. See you at church, can't wait.

  3. Chuck what an awesome message sunday! I really believe that message had such an important purpose, ME! I have been thinking long and hard about what I what to do with my life, as most know I was in one terrible situation and I broke camp and got out of it. but then I stopped there. now its time to keep my testimony going. I believe God wants me to share my story, the whole thing. Not many know the whole story and where my life began the hard struggle that I have been going through in my whole life. I hated my life and blamed God for what all has happened to me but now I see the purpose in what I have came through and over came. I believe that God put me through these obsticales in my life to make me the person I am today and to help other people come to know him through my story. I have told some few the whole story and they cannot believe a 19 year old has been through so many things. I made it through some awful things that I hope no one has to experience one! I want to use what God has given me and lead so many people away from what I have experienced to where I am today! Its time for me to start my journey on the path that God has planned for me! I know that I am not fully ready for it but with your help Chuck and all of my family of Christ in due time I will be on my way!