Royse Merle Wall: Love is Worth the Pain!

Happy Wednesday! “My father-in-law finished his race about 30 mins ago… it hurts so much more when it’s a man like that. God help us.” That was my facebook status @ 2:11pm EST yesterday. As of this morning, there are 75 comments on that thread. Since that status update, I’ve received hundreds of facebook messages […]

Nothing Changes: Until We Break Camp & Cross Over!

Happy Sunday! You wake up just a few weeks in to your new year, realizing there is NOTHING different about your surroundings. The obstacles of yesterday are the obstacles of today. Your cars are still breaking down, people in the family are still getting sick, government is still a MESS… nothing has changed EXCEPT… YOUR […]

Journal: Bad Monday Becomes a Lovely Week!

Happy Friday! Who could have predicted it on Monday night… that we would be sitting in this hospital room, just a few hours away from driving my father-in-law back to his house! The road to his recovery is still stacked high with obstacles… but for now, we’re grateful to God for this milestone! Yesterday, I […]

Journal: the miraculous comeback

Happy Thursday! I’m not going to be able to write today… doing a funeral for some very kind folks back home and then driving back here to be with my family tonight. Update on my father in law: Merle continues to baffle the doctors! The miraculous turn around which began two nights ago has continued to […]

Journal: Still With My Father-in-Law: It’s Time 4 My Miracle!

Happy Wednesday! Sorry again, for another short and late blog. I don’t have internet access at my in-laws house… and our schedule is very intense right now… a perfect combination for these shenanigans. lol On Monday evening, the doctors didn’t expect my father in law to make it through the night. Things improved throughout the […]

Journal: Sitting With My Father In Law

Happy Tuesday! I’m with my family in Richmond today. According to the doctors, my father in law is not doing too well right now. My heart is broken, what a great man he is. For 20 years, Merle has loved me like his own son… the most kind and patient man I’ve ever known. His […]

Echo in Eternity!

Happy Monday! Church @ Destiny Family Center was unbelievable yesterday. I am SO ALIVE with what’s happening for us these days! It has ALMOST become like one of the extended revivals we did BACK IN THE DAY… Like the 97 night revival in Murfreesboro, North Carolina @ Murfreesboro Assembly of God… with Pastors Jim & […]

Teach Me What You Know Good!

Happy Sunday! Everybody knows something! We’re all experts at something… even though this is not as obvious with some of us as it is with others. We would be shocked to know what some people KNOW! And we will never KNOW what they KNOW until we start ASKING! “Tell me what you know good!” It’s […]

4am Prophecy From England!

Happy Saturday! Make sure you read yesterdays blog: We Were On The 700 Club! (the Mark Brooks story) It’s highly inspirational! @ 4am EST, I received the following message on my facebook wall: 2010 Will Be Your Most Prolific Year Ever… The message came from my friend Austin David Evans… he currently resides in England; […]