Royse Merle Wall: Love is Worth the Pain!

Happy Wednesday!

“My father-in-law finished his race about 30 mins ago… it hurts so much more when it’s a man like that. God help us.” That was my facebook status @ 2:11pm EST yesterday. As of this morning, there are 75 comments on that thread. Since that status update, I’ve received hundreds of facebook messages and wall posts and texts and voicemail’s and emails… and so has Emily, Coree, and Heaven. Thank you for loving my family in such a painful time.

I’m HONORED to be preaching his funeral… should be on Friday, will let you know when we find out.


The Downside of Being Loved

Every person should live & love in such a way that they are mourned as Royse Merle Wall was mourned yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I suppose thats the downside to being LOVED… the immensity of pain that comes with separation.

Thank God for his amazing grace… that he picks us up when we fall down, he wipes our tears when we cry, he puts us back together when we splinter to pieces, he carries us in his arms when we cannot take another step.

Sometimes, when we are in the storm… we fail to see how much God is doing FOR US, to keep us alive.

For me, it was like all the grief of losing my Mom, my Grandfather, and my Uncle (within 3 years)… and all the agony of last years murderous betrayal (from a family we thought to be our closest friends)… it was like ALL of that pain (I thought to be gone) came back to life… and surged at us like the PERFECT STORM… making landfall at 1:30pm EST yesterday afternoon!

For a few hours, I wondered where God went… I thought about Jesus on the cross in his darkest moment crying to his Father, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” I searched for his strength and found no relief. At least it felt that way! And this morning as I play it back in my mind, I can only image how much worse this would have been without God.

At one point, I prayed for my wife and two kids with so much intensity, it felt like vessels were popping in my brain. I thought I was going to die, as they cried so hard I almost called a doctor! Even right now, I’m remembering back… and there is NO WAY to describe yesterday afternoon.

Thank God for his amazing grace… that he picks us up when we fall down, he wipes our tears when we cry, he puts us back together when we splinter to pieces, he carries us in his arms when we cannot take another step.


Love is Worth the Pain

There is a happy ending to this sad story…

I began todays message with a statement: Every person should live & love in such a way that they are mourned as Royse Merle Wall was mourned yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Some people argue strong over the safety of never loving… they hide behind the apparent protection of NEVER allowing themselves to be loved… than to risk this kind of pain.

I say that LOVE IS WORTH THE PAIN! I have been the recipient of LOVE… lots and lots of love! I am the PRODUCT of LOVE!

There is no denying the pain that accompanies such vulnerability:

  • Oftentimes, love opens our pores to the venom of betrayal.
  • Oftentimes, love builds us up for the agony of saying goodbye!

But to live without FEELING… to live without loving… to live without being loved… is to deprive ourselves of LIFE ITSELF.

I thank God for the PAIN we all FEEL RIGHT NOW… even through all the GRACE God is BEAMING DOWN ON US! In this we know… we were LOVED like few people will ever have the chance of knowing.

On Friday, this is the message I plan to articulate… for never have I met a man that LOVED like Royse Merle Wall!

Here is a video from Michelle Tumes: Feel


Hark! The wind of passion
Swiftly weaving over your soul
Bless the surge of thunder
Rolling onto your shore
Greet the deep emotion
That sleeps beneath the ocean floor
Watch elation bound
Release its furious roar

Feel! Feel! Feel! Feel what you long to
Feel! Feel! Feel! Feel what you long to feel

Pound the sands of courage
Reach for clouds that cover the foam
Dance with bold expression
Leaping from silent abodes
Face the wild commotion
Free restraint and struggle no more
Let the moon raise all that
Dwells in the tides of your core


Weep, sigh, laugh, cry
Flee from the snares that wish to deny how you feel
Hope, live, love, yearn
And feel, feel what you long to

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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10 thoughts on “Royse Merle Wall: Love is Worth the Pain!

  1. Great blog. Sorry to hear about your loss. He was a very loved man. Our prayers are with yall at this time.

    When words become meaningless, please know, you guys are in our prayers and ever so close to our hearts.

    Love you guys. If you need anythin just call.

  2. Yesterday when I saw the facebook post my heart sank I came to tears! Not only the just because of the loss of Merle, but I knew how much he changed the lives of everyone around him! I couldn’t even imagine the sadness and mourning that you all the Balsamo / Wall family were feeling. That in and of itself made me feel physical pain for you all! Then I got to thinking that is exactly how I want my life to be. I want to touch people the way Merle touched people. I want to LOVE above all else!! What a mark to leave on the world. Is a past blog we talked about the echo, and I would have to say that Merle certainly left a HUGE echo in the lives of everyone he met!

    I totally agree with you Pastor Love IS worth the pain! I have many times talked to a friend about the walls she has built, and I see how her life is so much darker, always trying to protect herself from hurt. That is no way to live your life! Love brings LIGHT!! I put love as one of the biggest priorities in my life. I try to make sure that everyone around me knows that I love them and that they see that God’s love is portrayed in me! I also like to believe that I have instilled that into my children. Through this I have seen that in some ways I am sure that I have as this is what has gone on with my daughter Isabel since yesterday. This was my facebook post and I am sorry if you have already seen this, but it has moved me so much that I love sharing it…

    Just prayed w/Isabel before bed, she prayed 4 the Balsamo/Wall families! She also asked God 2 say hi to papa (Merle) & we will miss him! Then this morning she got tears in her eyes, told me that she needed to go see Miss Emily's family so she could hug them & tell them she loved them, b/c they would be so sad & hurting, & she wanted to make them feel better.

    I think we could all learn a little more about compassion from our children! She is so AMAZING! ♥ ♥ I ♥ my kids!!! Especially when it is the first thing that comes to her mind in the morning is other hurting! This is definitely love!! I thank God for that!! I will be praying for you and your family Pastor! Please let us know if there is anything else in addition to the prayers that we can do! We love you all!!

  3. Those who are in Christ never meet for the last time,We will be re united in Heaven, He 's getting your MANSION ready Chuck & Emily..May God give you peace & Grace that passes all understanding.Love Rajeev

  4. Chuck, Emily, Coree and Heaven,

    We send our condonlences on your loss. May God give your family strength and peace that surpasses all understanding during this time. We love you.

    Dawn, Joseph and Joey

  5. He was one of the greatest people to ever live on earth! I can not remember a time in my life where he has talked bad about some1 or got mad about anything (other than that time he found out a boy kissed one of his grandchildren lol) I can't even remember a time where he did anything for himself. Everytime he was with us it was like he wanted nothing but wanted us to have everything! He was such a great person and I know that some of him lives in all of us and if we all become more like him everyday this world will become a much greater place!

    Thanks for all your prayers!


  6. We are thankful that the Master has requested Merle's presence at His Supper yesterday evening, but we pray for those whom He leaves behind. May the Lord strengthen and comfort you and yours.

  7. Love you guys! Thanks for taking the time to LIFT US! I pray that in your times of pain, God will send others to do the same! Your comments make the difference!!

  8. hmmmmmm…..I posting ya something here but it is now gone?

    He's an amazing man and thanks for sharing so much with us of him. Heaven you walk in his footsteps and fill them quite well. you're precious.