Royse Merle Wall: The Greatest Funeral Message Ever Spoken!

Happy Friday!

This mornings blog is going to be short.

I’ve been up since 3:41am preparing the greatest funeral message ever spoken! This is not because I am the best funeral preacher to ever speak… it’s because todays HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL message is based on a TRUE STORY… and EVERYBODY LOVES A GOOD TRUE STORY!

Check back this afternoon… I will be posting the entire message HERE, sometime after the service. Prepare to be INSPIRED!

Here is my father in laws favorite song one more time: Nothing But the Blood!


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2 thoughts on “Royse Merle Wall: The Greatest Funeral Message Ever Spoken!

    • Thanks for commenting Debbie… and thanks for appreciating the message of his amazing life! What an honor it was to talk of such a man. My aim was to IMPART a piece of his spirit to others! God bless you Debbie… oh, and WELCOME to the blog tribe!! Have a most triumphant day!