Teach Me What You Know Good!

Happy Sunday!

Everybody knows something! We’re all experts at something… even though this is not as obvious with some of us as it is with others. We would be shocked to know what some people KNOW! And we will never KNOW what they KNOW until we start ASKING!

“Tell me what you know good!” It’s a phrase made famous in my circle these days by a new friend, Dexter Estes! It’s his special greeting… and when Dexter says, “Tell me what you know good” in his signature bull rider accent, everybody SMILES!

Well, I was on the phone yesterday morning talking to my friend Danny Leslie… he’s a brilliant man! Danny is an expert of MANY things… gardening and cooking are only two of the fields he has MASTERED in his lifetime. Since my daughter Heaven is going to culinary school this fall, Danny wants to help prepare her. He’s giving Heaven a culinary tool set he’s had for most of his life… and he’s offered to mentor her between now and fall… a very BIG HEAD START for Heaven!

While Danny and I were winding down the end of that conversation… I said to him, “Danny? You know what I love about you? I love the way you are always TEACHING. Every single time I have EVER talked to you, even if it was just for 3 minutes… every time, you have TAUGHT me something GOOD! And I appreciate that! Thank you for INVESTING your talents into my life… and now into the life of my daughter!”

I love learning! I’ve written at least two blogs specifically describing my PASSION for learning:

After Danny and I ended that call, I meditated on the topic of mentorship… until I coined the phrase, “Teach me what you know good!” It comes to us from my two friends, Dexter and Danny… and here’s what it means:

Since I’m positive EVERYONE has mastered something, I want YOU to teach me something I don’t know!

When we hang out with friends… instead of us just having a few hours of entertaining conversation… maybe you can TEACH me something, and then maybe I can teach YOU something.

Teach me What you Know Good!!

  • Teach me how to build a house!
  • Teach me how to cook a signature receipt!
  • Teach me how to manage my money on an expert level!
  • Teach me about law!
  • Teach me about what it takes to be a good Marine!
  • Teach me biology and medicine!
  • Teach me how to fish or hunt or knock a softball out of the park!
  • Teach me about gardening and landscaping!
  • Teach me about plumbing and air conditioning!

Teach me anything and everything you know… because I really want to LEARN!

And if you ask, I will teach you anything and everything I know… because I really want to TEACH!

Danny represents all the aging Yoda’s in our world! Danny represents all the men and woman in our world desiring to IMPART their talents before they depart from this earth. So where are “Danny’s” young Jedi students?

What a sadness for EXPERTS to pass without passing on their TALENT! Is there a STUDENT?

Yoda is always searching for a young Jedi!

I want to be a young JEDI to many aging Yoda’s AND an aging Yoda to many young Jedi’s!

A very random Sunday blog, isn’t it? I hope it ads tremendous value to your amazing lives! Love you all…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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4 thoughts on “Teach Me What You Know Good!

  1. Thanks Jake!! I met a Jake at church today… is this him? Either way… thanks for being here bud! I write EVERY day… hope you hang out with us often! Have a great night…

  2. I love that phrase. I think I may have to use it. I love learning a little something new everyday. I can’t wait to see how many more things I can learn after I start using this phrase! LOL Thanks for sharing!