227 Randomness

Happy Saturday!

Wow, yesterdays blog was a smash hit! We recorded the highest stats in three weeks… thanks for LOVING IT you guys! Thanks for all the comments you sent to twitter, facebook, and here of course! I guess the topic must have been highly relevant to a pile of people!

Paper Tongues

This morning, I wanted to advertise the Debut Album for tomorrows legendary band, Paper Tongues! Lead singer, Aswan North is a long time friend of mine! What a HEART, what a SOUND!

Here’s a video interview with Randy Jackson from American Idol about how he met Aswan! They have a really FUN pre-order package with tshirts and autographed stuff! Check it out… and please pray for my friends as they charge into this dangerous secular arena with a prophetic message for todays youth!

Its Saturday!

I’m working on tomorrows message for Destiny Family Center and writing in my book all day while Emily works at Kohl’s, then going to my little nephews birthday party! I feel happy today, hope you do too!

Nothing to do tomorrow and close enough to pull it off? Come to Destiny… everybody’s doin’ it!!

Favorite Videos of The Week

Change the Tune & Turn Your Tide!

Watch live streaming video from chuckbalsamo at livestream.com

I Heard the Audible Voice of God!

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow? I hope so!

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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