BC/AD-4ME (In the Beginning…)

Todays Video Blog! Watch live streaming video from chuckbalsamo at livestream.com Happy Thursday! I got so carried away with yesterdays message, that I forgot to tell you guys something VERY important! Yesterday was a HUGE DAY for Emily and I! February 17 ring a bell? Come on you guys… some Chuck and Emily trivia!! Ok, […]

Your Life is a Song, So Tune Your Orchestra!

Todays Video Blog! chuckbalsamo on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free Happy Wednesday! Ever been BURNT OUT before? I hit a BRICK WALL with my WRITING yesterday afternoon… it was so painful, felt like vessels were popping in my brain! I almost buried my computer in a snow drift and walked away from this mission, just a […]

On a Trash Pile of Wasted Decades?

Todays Video Blog! Watch live streaming video from chuckbalsamo at livestream.com Happy Tuesday! Yesterday, I wrote page 334 in my book, Make Me A Legend! Only 25 pages to go and we’ll be on way to the editing and publishing phases! 360 Word Document pages should translate into approximately 250 book pages… the perfect size! […]

Developing Your Personal Confirmation System!

Todays Video Blog! Watch live streaming video from chuckbalsamo at livestream.com Happy Monday! Had an excellent weekend, excellent Sunday… how about you guys? Would love to hear about it! I don’t want to get weird on you guys, but I was on Fox News dot com this morning and noticed the following advertisement. Why am […]

A Fun Week of Video Blogging!

Happy Saturday! A great week, horrible Friday… gonna be a super weekend! I wrote more than 20 pages in my book since Monday, while leading DFC and having a very productive week in my office. It was almost the perfect week until yesterday. Too much to mention… had a terrible Friday morning (please don’t make […]

Hope, Faith, & the Gift of Faith!

Happy Friday! I’m a little tired this morning, but I’m hyper with LOVE and HAPPINESS! This has been one of the most productive weeks of my life! I know right? Even through all the snow delays… God seems to have GRACED me with a new kind of FAVOR, and it looks like it may be […]

There is Power In Numbers!

Happy Thursday! Did you guys see Mr. Moon this morning? Wow, he was so eclipse-ish today… very handsome! I wonder what he looks like for all my friends in Indonesia today? Thanks for the new feedback on my recent video blogging. I read a few very good ideas yesterday, from Jonathan Woodard, and Vickie Rankin […]

Manifesting High Energy & Enthusiasm!

Happy Wednesday! Or should I greet you guys with far more enthusiasm… H-A-P-P-Y W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y friends! I don’t know, you tell me, Kristin Via! lol Is this a better start than yesterdays lesser animated presentation? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the feedback from yesterdays VIDEO blog came back and while people seemed to LOVE the message CONTENT, […]

The Music of My Life!

Happy Tuesday! Oh, did I tell you we’re getting snow again today? Yup… we are! The national weather service predicts 5-10 inches of accumulations, starting at 9am! Ok, tribe! Let’s try not to be haters of the snow… just relax, there’s nothing you can do to change the circumstance… so look for the FUN of […]