What a Day!

Internet problems today, not able to broadcast video… I’ll see you tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

I know I keep bragging to you guys about the amazingness of every church service @ Destiny Family Center! And just when I thought things could not get any better, yesterday happened! EVERY SECOND of that 10am service was like a PURE TASTE OF HEAVEN!

Aaron Huffer led our worship team with the BEST worship session in a YEAR! I felt like I was crossing over into another REALM at times… wanted it to last forever!

Dave Harman gave a POWERFUL prophecy at the end of worship, debunking Mr. Groundhog… saying that the long cold winter season is ending… and SPRING IS UPON US! Whether he was predicting warmer temperatures and bright sunshine in this physical world or a spiritual season of warmth and growth and fruitfulness, we all sensed the CHANGE!

Here’s the scripture Dave read to us:

Song of Solomon 2:10-13

My lover spoke and said to me,

“Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, and come with me.

11 See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.

12 Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
is heard in our land.

13 The fig tree forms its early fruit;
the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.
Arise, come, my darling;
my beautiful one, come with me.”

After Dave’s prophecy, we heard stories from yesterdays Washington DC Homeless Outreach Team… it was moving… VERY MOVING!

Then, we were privileged with a BEAUTIFUL SONG from Jazmin Howard, she’s ELEVEN!

The sermon was PROFOUND, if I do say so myself! I felt God possessed my body and made his appeal through me… the channel was OPEN, every single word felt to be INSPIRED… and what a difference it seemed to be MAKING!

Two people responded to my invitation, they came forward and gave their hearts to Jesus!

We spent the next hour praying for people and hearing stories about how much transformation took place during that service!

Then for the rest of the day, our friends Chef Danny & Dolly Leslie came to our house… they brought my daughter culinary gifts and cooked lunch and dinner and pastries for 5 straight hours. What a TIME WE HAD! Josh & Brittany Wade came over and helped us EAT… and that we DID… all day long!

We went to bed at 10:30pm… fell asleep thanking God for the fires of last year and how they TESTED and PROVED our friendships! I am the richest man in the world… loved and appreciated by a BOAT LOAD of BEAUTIFUL FAMILY & FRIENDS!

Selah! (emphasis)

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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More photo’s from the DC Outreach…

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One thought on “What a Day!

  1. It sounds like an AMAZING service!! I can't wait to see it online!! We miss you all terribly and can't wait to make it up there for a service!!! It also looks like the outreach was GREAT as well!! Praise God for that! We are praying for you all daily!! Love you all and have a blessed week!