Yesterdays Washington DC Homeless Outreach!

Happy Sunday!

Yesterdays outreach was AMAZING!

This is “Lance.” He was the first man we reached… our team showed him love like he hasn’t felt in MANY years… the impact was so profound, it made me cry walking back to the vans.

This is “Lance’s” house in downtown Washington DC. He lived here straight through the 3 foot snow storm!

You cant see it well in this photo… but a group of something like 50 teenagers from England walked passed us while we were blessing “Hank” and Gerald invited them to gather around… and everyone of them prayed to accept Christ, with great enthusiasm! Only God knows which of them will go on to serve him… but the seed was planted!

A group of our ladies reached out to this lady… she told us she had no value in this world… and she was just going to spend the rest of her days staying out of the way.

The outreach was profound beyond words! We touched the lives of HUNDREDS of homeless people in the streets of Washington DC yesterday! Every person on our team made an eternal difference for some homeless person. To God be all the glory!

I’m out of time this morning… have to go shower and brush my teeth for todays service at Destiny Family Center. I pray you all a most triumphant day!

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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