Paralleling Festivals: Passover & Easter!

Happy Wednesday! Sorry for the long delay in writing today. This is the latest I’ve blogged in many months. My dad’s hospitalization has me a bit behind schedule. He’s still in ICU, suffering from a severe ulcer in the top of his small intestine. The doctors said they were going attempt a surgical fix… and […]

The Opposite of Division is Multiplication!

Happy Monday! I had another amazing weekend! Belonging to a great church (Destiny Family Center for me) is better than belonging to a great camping club! Yes, I did say a ‘camping club’. You see, once spring arrives, many Americans clean up their travel trailers and motor homes, and they clean the cobwebs out of their […]

Happy Weekend!

Happy Saturday & Sunday! I’m taking the weekend off from blogging! Just in case you haven’t heard the NEWS… read it here: My Very Big Announcement! I’m wishing you all a beautiful weekend! Oh, and if you’re looking for something INSPIRATIONAL to read, please enjoy my other 495 blogs… and all of the INSPIRATIONAL comments […]

I believe I can Fly!

Happy Wednesday! Yesterdays post: My Passionate Argument Against Socialism was the most read blog in 4 months! Since debating politics is not the primary nature of this blog site, I will be changing subjects today. Hopefully, everyone appreciated both of my candid messages on this hot topic! I aimed to explain the differences between capitalism […]

My Passionate Argument Against Socialism!

Happy Tuesday! Emily and I spent the night in Moorefield, West Virginia… attended Victory in the Valley, hosted by my dear friends, Pastor Chris & Sarah Whetzel of Believers Victory Center. There is only one more night left: TONIGHT @ 7pm. My friend Evangelist Gerald Mayhan will be speaking… last night was UNBELIEVABLE! If you’re close, you should plan to […]

Socialism, Phase One Rammed Into Our Throats!

Happy Monday! I suppose there is no better time than today, for posting my political blog of the month… A historical moment indeed: Socialism, phase 1 rammed into our throats! I cannot explain how nauseous I felt waking to the sound of liberal politicians, arrogantly celebrating last nights passage of nationalized health care. In a vote […]

Yesterdays Maple Festival Journal w/ Photos!

Happy Sunday! Had an amazing day at the Highland County Maple Festival yesterday! For some odd reason, our daughter Heaven was more hyper about the Maple Festival than almost anything she ever been hyper about in her “whole entire life!” On Friday night, she wrote on her facebook status, “Tomorrow is going to be the […]