My Very Big Announcement!

Happy Friday!

Ok, so I spent something like an hour trying to figure out how I would tell you guys some very, very important news. At first, I thought about waiting until Sunday morning to announce it live @ Destiny Family Center. Then, a few people found out… and well, you know how fast good news travels right?

So, I guess I’ll just come right out and say this… I’m PREGNANT! Ahhhhhhhh! Just kidding! lol

After 4 years of trial and sacrifice (a gross understatement), I am very happy (another gross understatement) to make the following epic announcement…

As of 3:16pm EST yesterday afternoon: my historical book, Make Me A Legend is now FINISHED!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be diligently searching for the right publisher! As a few of you know, I already have a very interested medium sized publisher. I just feel like we’re going to end up signing with one of the leading publishing houses… and we’re going to distribute a few hundred thousand copies, maybe much more than that!

Here are the publishers I’m hoping to attract…

Also, I have a dear friend who is a dear friend to one of the best selling Christian authors of all time… and I’m close to positive he’s going to arrange a meeting between her and I to discuss the possibility of forwarding Make me a Legend!

The completed manuscript is 98,380 words, 402 Microsoft Word Document pages, 17 chapters, and 175 subtitles! There is a quotable line in EVERY paragraph! MMAL can very easily publish as two full size books!

Please pray for me to have tremendous favor with the right people and the right publisher… this is GOING TO HAPPEN!

Finally, I wanted to thank you all, for encouraging me throughout this entire process! Especially to my loving family, the people of this loving blog tribe, and to the people of my loving church family, Destiny Family Center! Watching you guys live your faith so beautifully… reading your brilliant comments… finding daily strength from your frenzied excitement over every message I write! You guys have changed my life in a million positive ways!

We’ve had so much fun already, it’s so hard to believe that THIS IS STILL JUST THE BEGINNING!

Above every human supporter, I want to say thank you to my loving Heavenly Dad for giving me this great gift! It really is a beautiful GIFT, and even though I complain way to much about the sacrifice it requires, I want Him to know, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! To think about how much better our community, nation, and world is going to be as a result of this book… it brings me to tears!

Yo Adrian, we did it! lol


I just finished praying for you all… hope you feel the difference all day long!

I think this moment calls for techno music!


Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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19 thoughts on “My Very Big Announcement!

  1. That is great news Chuck, I hope it is big and many people will grow from the book. And think you for giving your thoughts and words to others. Happy hunting, and have fun and rejoice in the lord always…

  2. Awesome! I am so happy for you! You have got to be feeling terrific right now! I pray that you will in short order find the right publisher and that the book will get on the market in record time!

  3. Woooohoooo! This is just the beginning!! Praying for the right publisher to come in perfect time! Congrats!! So happy for you!!! Look forward to reading it!!!

  4. You know you're legendary when you quote yourself! HAHAAAHA!!!

    Nothing like closing the chapter on one part of your dream and getting ready to open the next…literally.


  5. Yea!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are soaring like the eagle!!! I pray you have Divine Appointments all around and that Wisdom is swift to show you which to choose of many offers! This is surely wonderful and exciting news! I can't wait to read it!

  6. Hallelujah!!! and Congrats! I just read that you are in DC, have fun! take lots of pictures!! We need to celebrate your accomplishment now though! YEAH!!!! This is very exciting! I want to read it so bad! I know there is book signing parties but what about book publishing parties? Hey, we are world changers. We will start that too!

    Have a great day!


  8. CONGRATULATIONS my dear friend, I know what you went through in order to complete this masterpiece, I know it will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in so many lives:) WAY TO GO CHUCKY….. now all you have to accomplish is playing shortstop this year in softball!!

  9. Pastor, I'm so excited I can't find words! My eyes are even watering! I've never "won" anything, but I imagine this feeling could be what it's like to win a lottery or something! I feel like it isn't "going to happen" but IS HAPPENING!! I am so Happy for you…and proud. WELL DONE!!!

    (and Jimbo, be careful…you may just have a preaching gift… 🙂 )

    • I love you ALLLLLL!!! This is definitely one of the funnest moments of my entire life and I'm so happy to be sharing with the best friends on earth!! Thanks for the enthusiasm! I'm praying blessings on every person that took the time to cheer! Have a most triumphant night!!

  10. Awesome news! It is so good to add "Author" to your list of titles and accomplishments! Now let's pray that the right publisher quickly makes you "Published Author"! I wonder if Solomon or Paul or David or Moses ever had a book signing? Wouldn't that have been an awesome event?

  11. Great Big Accomplishment!!! Yea Team!! (helping you Jimmy!!) For all that has happened this past year that could have stopped the writing process; you know God has BIG plans for the book and you all.

    We love you and are very happy for you — now the fun begins – just think of all the lives that will be changed and challenged by your book!!! Can't wait to read it in entirety!!