Interpreting the death dream

Happy Friday! Wow, everyone! Thank you so much for commenting on yesterdays blog: Last Night, I Dreamed I was Killed! Since this dream contains a very powerful message, applicable to all the tribe… I’m dedicating todays blog to its interpretation. Please go back and read the dream, if you haven’t already… then proceed. interpreting the […]

Art Williams Speech: Do it!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Since my website was down all morning and I need to get something out to you guys fast! I’m posting a speech recommended by my great friend Ren Jones… he says it’s one of the best speeches he’s ever heard… let’s watch it! The following speech “DO IT!” comes from Art […]

Most Evil is Done By People Who Never Make up Their Minds!

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for all of the great comments on facebook and the blog site concerning yesterdays blog: my urgent burden 4 Israel I still feel so passionate about that message… I think for me, I may have finally understood the crisis in Israel, definitely on another level! Yesterday morning was a very big aha […]

My Urgent Burden For Israel

Happy Monday! Yet another amazing day for Destiny Family Center. The most powerful thrust of momentum I’ve ever felt in my life! Despite our many challenges of this past 12 months, we continue to FLOURISH! This is the grace of God! I’m sorry to bring this up every Monday morning… but I honestly can’t help […]

To Infinity and Beyond: The Martin Jetpack is Now!

Happy Sunday! Thankful to be alive after projecting GALLONS of fluids through my esophagus… since Friday night! For more on this, read yesterdays HILARIOUS blog: The Funniest Throw-Up Story Ever Told! You know, I was thinking this morning. I’ve never failed to keep a scheduled speaking engagement due to sickness. God has graced me to minister […]

The Funniest Throw-Up Story Ever Told!

Happy Saturday! We Almost Died! Was up all night throwing up every undigested item in my tumultuous digestive system… then bile acids, then maybe a few organs like the unextracted remains from my appendix operation (from 25 years ago), then NOTHING! (they call that the dry HEAVES!) My fingers almost hurt too much to type […]